Looking for ways to increase Wi-Fi Range? What You Need To Know

Setting up a Wi-Fi network at home is a simple job, however, making sure that the entire house has the right network coverage can be a bit tricky. The range of Wi-Fi router is limited, and hence if you are planning to you in a large area, you may have to think about ways to improve its coverage. When you buy a router, do check the specifications well so that you do not have to invest a significant enough amount later to amplify its coverage area.

The internet speed depends upon the signal strength that your device is getting. As you move further away from the router, the signal strength would reduce. The quality of signals that you are getting will also depend on the presence of brick walls or object in between. If you are facing problem in getting a good quality signal in some areas of your house you should consider few of the below options-

● Consider installing an additional firmware to improve the transmission quality from your router further. When installing any firmware, you may have to check its compatibility as some of the router devices are limited in this aspect.

● Most of the routers of today have an antenna that can emit signals in all directions however if the router is kept in a corner consider adding a reflector near the antenna to improve the speed. You can quickly create one at your home with tutorial videos and information on the internet.

● Identify the area of the house which will be more appropriate to install the router. There is some utility software that can help you identify such a spot using your laptop.

● Do not place your router near a metallic object such as an almirah, as it weakens the signal strength. Also, avoid putting them close to Mirror as the signals are likely to reflect any move to different directions.

● Alternatively, if you want to have a higher signal strength in one particular area of your house, you can easily replace your multi-directional antenna with an omnidirectional one.

Apart from the various options mentioned above the use of hardware component can make your job easy. A Wi-Fi range extender is simple equipment that has been built specifically to increase Wi-Fi range. The range extender device works by merely collecting Wi-Fi signal from a router and then retransmits it with improved strength. The machine works effectively in cases where the signal strength is constant but weak. To make the best use of a Range Extender, you must take care of the following points-

● Keep the Range Extender within the range of both the client and the source of the signal.

● You will have to provide the associated encryption key in case signal has been encrypted.

● The device is not identified as a client because it has a static IP.

● The signal quality that a range extender transmits will generally be same as that of the source.

● The process would work even more effectively if the chipset of the router and the device are of the same type.

New model and brands of Wi-Fi range extender devices are launched in the market on a regular basis. Some of them are based on new technologies and methods to increase the Wi-Fi range. Buyers are recommended to collect as much information as possible before purchasing any extender device. Do consider your requirement and select an appropriate machine that is compatible with your existing access point. The cost of devices would vary from one brand to another and so by comparing the prices you can save some money.