KeepSolid releases upcoming open beta for electronic signature 

KeepSolid Sign is the most appropriate tool which can assist you in your daily work. This is a productivity tool which can help you save on a big amount of hassle and alleviate the stress of making filling out and signing pdf documents an easier task. It is now possible to close down the deals and enter contracts in just few clicks. You just have to import one document, sign it along with eSignature, send it to the other signers and then you’re done. This is an app which is totally free. If you don’t know what you can do with KeepSolid Sign, you can:

  • Tackle the entire signing process remotely in an easy, fast and secured manner
  • Create your personal electronic signature
  • Bid goodbye to the routine process of ‘print and scan’
  • Be updated always regarding the document status
  • Get lot of chances by working in an offline mode
  • Enhance the entire workflow of your team

Different fields in which KeepSolid Sign is used


  • It is possible to get all contracts signed in few minutes
  • Start and end deals while you’re traveling
  • Improve the experience of the customers


  • Immediately create an agreement by utilizing the various smart templates
  • Make your company’s workflow more effective
  • Handle the status of the deals real time


  • Sign any document legally on any device
  • Get access to signed contracts even though you’re in the offline mode
  • Make sure all documents are strongly secured


  • Get immediately ready for remote education
  • Reduce potential misunderstandings and mistakes
  • Achieve freedom from being chased with papers and having to sign on all documents

KeepSolid Electronic Signature

Our world is definitely getting more and more digitized everyday, thereby offering us enough beneficial solutions which help us save time and enhance our workflow. When pressed under agile working conditions, E-sign is that technology which is a milestone step towards being productive and effective. You can remotely sign on any piece of document with only your finger, thereby bidding goodbye to paper chase the also diminishing the possibilities of errors and misunderstandings.

KeepSolid has introduced this perfect tool which caters to all sorts of needs related to the process of digital signing. You have to import documents in PDF format either from the cloud or from your device, insert your sign and share them with every other participant. You no longer have to face any hassle of printing the document, scanning it, signing it and sending it to other signers. With KeepSolid, you’re able to work more effectively than ever before. It is not only user-friendly, convenient and handy but also has got several features which can entirely tackle the signing process.

Goals set by KeepSolid developers

The developers of e-signature have set different goals:

  • Get instant feedback on KeepSolid Sign. What is the way it looks, how it feels and how much is it easy to use. What are the different e-sign tasks that it solves?
  • Learn about the perspective of the customers, the weaknesses and strengths of competitors
  • Define the persona of the user

Features of beta version of KeepSolid E-sign

  • It is still in beta version and it will be released by the end of 2017
  • It works both offline and online
  • It is available on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows
  • It has already got several beta users
  • It allows users to sign with a finger
  • It is in beta and hence functionality is limited
  • It is the best solution for companies and businesses as there is no need of legal services
  • It’s paperless
  • It’s normal and final version will be released in 2018
  • It is free at present but will require subscription in future
  • It is a part of the portfolio of KeepSolid products

Are you someone who has had enough experience of working on KeepSolid’s electronic signature as a part of beta testing? If answered yes, which part has been the most challenging for you? Whichever way it is, let us know about your feedback on this version.