Ironfisted Monsanto looking to eliminate USDA beet ban

The Monsanto Company is attempting to sidestep a ban on genetically-modified beets from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The real world representation of the Umbrella Corporation has been petitioning the USDA to allow them to essentially nullify the ban.

A Natural News story says that Monsanto is not the only organization working to get the ban on the production of the sugar beets diluted. They are joined in their quest by several other sugar producer groups. They all would like the ban to be lifted so that farmers have something to plant this year.

Monsanto and friends are claiming that if they are not allowed permission to grow beets in a closely monitored situation that the sugar market will be destroyed.

Even the good old USDA has agreed somewhat when they issued a 365-page report about the supposed need for farmers to be allowed to plant the RoundUp Ready sugar beets under what is called a “closely monitored permit process intended to prevent contamination of other crops.”

The funny thing is according to the story; cross-contamination is one of the main reasons why the sugar beets were banned originally. The court ruling that led to the ban said that a proper Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) had to be constructed before any further planting could take place.

One of the goals of the ban’s ruling is to determine how the GMO crop impacts the life cycle of the non-GMO and organic crops. And as you can probably guess, Monsanto is used to getting what Monsanto wants.

Monsanto and their grower friends don’t want to wait for analysis of how their controversial GMO crops could be affecting the regular non GMO crops. Monsanto is trying to scare and or bully the USDA into accepting Monsanto’s judgment about the sugar market.

They want everyone to believe that things will collapse without Monsanto’s benevolent business sense. Let’s not kids ourselves about what’s going on here.

Monsanto and their various groups of cronies are attempting to bypass the ruling and basically re-legalize the planting of their beets. The same ruling that came about because the USDA is worried about the potential unknown dangers of Monsanto’s engineered “food”.

According to the spokeswoman for the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Lyndsay Cole, Monsanto gave zero details about how it planned to monitor growers. Monsanto’s PR people didn’t provide an answer in the Natural News story either.

People wonder why Monsanto is viewed as an evil dummy corporation full of maniacal super scientists. They act like they are above the law.

They petition government agencies like safety rules weren’t meant to apply to them. It’s like they are trying to prove a point that nobody can stop Monsanto from controlling and owning all of the world’s food supply.

If crap like this keeps happening Monsanto will end up owning anything they want.

At least the USDA is accepting comments on the issue from the public until December 6, 2010. There is a slim chance the USDA will care about your concerns over Monsanto’s financial and political interests.

So, why not let the USDA know how you feel right here.