Internet behemoths fight hard for net neutrality

Twenty four CEOs and founders of internet companies have written to the FCC in a bid to influence the body on the vexed subject of net neutrality.

The founders of Twitter, Facebook, Digg and CEOs including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Google’s Eric Schmidt are countering telephone and cable lobbyist attempts to influence the FCC.

In the letter, the 24 senior execs and founders told the FCC that the internet should remain open, because that fosters efficiency and competition, fuelled by end users making the choice which products succeed and which go under.

That also fosters the ability of small startup businesses to compete against giants, which is also in the interest of consumers, the letter continued.

Other luminaries who have signed the letter include the CEO of eBay, the president of Sony Electronics, the CEO of Skype, and the founder of Flickr.

This Thursday, the FCC begins a lengthy process of forging new rules on how ISPs manage access to the internet.