Important Things To Understand Before Going For A Free Web Hosting Service Provider

As a new business, budgetary constraints are not an alien thing, but you should have the adeptness to find a way out. Top free web hosting service providers are functioning on an economic model, especially meant for new entrepreneurs and startups. A good example of it is 000webhost which offers you all the necessary features at ZERO cost to start your business.

To break the fundraising impediments and thrive peer-to-peer with your immediate competitor as a startup, the free web hosting service provider can be the breath for your choked out business.

But, before going for a free hosting service, a few FAQs will help you deal with your service provider effectively. Here are some important things that you can instantly ask your free web hosting service provider.

Important Things To Ask From A Free Web Hosting Provider:

How are Package Upgrades Handled?

Though many free web-hosting service providers might promise free hosting to the newbies and start-ups, the scenario will soon change in the near future where the business will have to upgrade. So, at the time of signing up for the free web hosting, it is recommended to ask the service provider about the bandwidth package in the service availed for under free benefits.

At the same time, most of the service providers incentivize the old customers. In many cases, specific discounts as much as 50% waiver is given on few special days. At the time of the upgrade, or even instantly after signing for the free package, you can discuss with the service provider. Even you can question that the upgrade will be taken automatically, or do you have to give a go ahead first and then the web hosting will be converted into premium version.

Do you have to pay a set-up fee for new hosts?

In case, if you are not satisfied with the hosting service provider, easy migration should be facilitated. However, there are many service providers who are charging ruthlessly. At times, the bill might be as high as $50. You can discuss during the sign in the period about the set-up fee and whether if there are any, will you be able to claim a waiver. For new enterprises, such quick questions can prevent capital blockage easily.

Any Specific Bandwidth Charges Upon Upgrade?

For newbies, it is a given thing that recognition will take time to shape in. So, when they start from the scratch, the traffic might be limited. But such will not be the case when they pass 6 months or a year. During such times, with an increase in traffic, more bandwidth would be required, and the service provider should transparently declare the charges that you will have to incur in the near future. In this way, it is possible to prepare for additional expenses in the near future.

Any Special Security Layer?

In general cases, the business owners are given SSL and firewall security, but as newbies, you can ask for more security features like backend site maintenance. At the same time, you can also discuss data fishing & mining where other people on the same server can access your data. This will safeguard your data and any disruptions can be dealt necessarily.

Inquire About The Number Of Sites On Server?

Buyers are often unsure about the number of sites hosted on the server, so you can discuss with your hosting service provider. You can either asked for a dedicated hosting or shared hosting as per the budget of the company.

What is the availability of Free Service Support?

On many web-hosting service website, a fabricated fact is the availability of free customer-support 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year. In many cases, these are rigged and hypocrisy. In many cases, it has been clearly seen that this is an upscale effort which is never followed. For those seeking the free service support, discussing on these small yet effective aspects can never comprise the efforts.

Do You Offer Support for Scripts Installed Through the cPanel?

Top service providers will always push for better service support. In order to give you that experience, they might provide additional support in which scripts can be installed through cPanel. These small perks can provide a fortress of security to the website against any malicious intent.

What will be the backup support?

The important part is the backup of the website, you wouldn’t want to wonder about the data that has been fed on the website. As an entrepreneur and sole-proprietor, you have numerous other things to handle. But keeping a good web hosting service provider will ease this hassle. They provide data back-up on a two-day, one-day or weekly model, you can discuss with the service provider and find out about that.

What is the incentive for referral sales?

Referral marketing is a growing concept at the moment and as a free web hosting customer, you can discuss with your service provider about the same. The incentives can help you to better your experience with the service provider. With some hosting service provider, they provide an extension for referrals. In this way, you can benefit from the investment. Discuss in details about the incentivization scheme that your free web-hosting service provider follows.

Does the service provider offer money-back guarantee scheme?

Top service providers dealing in web hosting provide additional perks like money back guarantee to the customers. As a customer, you can ask whether your service provider follows the same model. With a greater degree of clarity on the benefits accrued after taking the services of free web hosting service providers, you can always keep your business on the front foot.


At the time of buying the hosting services, a well-informed buyer can seek for additional features and get it at the right budget. But for that, the buyer should know what to ask and when to ask. These are small things, but they can easily disrupt the smooth flow of the operation. The newbies and start-ups can discuss with their free web hosting service providers and take the best call as per the budget and business requirement.