How to update Facebook in Google+

Ever since the Google+ beta launched a few weeks ago, obsessive social networkers have complained about the lack of Facebook integration preventing users from cross posting between sites. 

Fortunately, an application dubbed “Google+Facebook” created by an Israeli company known as Crossrider aims to solve this problem by allowing Google+ users to view Facebook streams and update their status from within the competing social network.

“It’s something we created in less than a day,” Crossrider co-founder Koby Menachemi told Reuters. “The product is not perfect, yet you can view (Facebook) streams and update your status” while using Google+.

Google+ is Google’s brand spanking new social network designed to compete directly with Facebook.

The nascent platform already has 10 million users, compared to Facebook’s 750 million.

Facebook won’t allow users of its site to import friends, pictures, or other information into Google+ based on the site’s terms of service, a major source of contention for those with an established Facebook presence.

“It’s a site within a site,” Menachemi said about the application. He added that Crossrider hopes to continually improve the service stating, “If users want a feature to post updates on both networks, we will. If they want to comment on their Facebook screen, we will do it.”

Considering both Facebook and Google’s stringent terms of use, it’s quite possible that the application will be shut down or blocked in the coming weeks. 

Note: There has been some criticism of the app on Crossrider’s own website, with a number of comments referring to the software as malware. As expected, Menachemi denied the allegation, but emphasized he would not remove the negative comments from the Crossrider site.

(Via Reuters