How to Save Money on Web Hosting

Web hosting is a necessity if you have a blog or a website. You already know the importance of hosting your site or blog on a trustworthy and a reliable host. But this is not as simple as it seems. Hosting services are charged at a very high price especially if your service provider is renowned and a trusted one.

Managing your hosting expenditure could burden you if you are new to blogging or have just launched a website without financial backing. Most blog owners are students without a regular source of income, and for your blog to start earning for you, it takes some time.

So how to save money on web hosting?

Well, we have a list of some fantastic tips that you can use to save some money of hosting services.

  1. Downgrade not upgrade: The hosting service package that you might be using has features that you seldom use, or you don’t even use. So why pay for such features? If your service provider gives to options on hosting service according to features offered, it’s better you take up a plan with those features that you use and pay less. It would be wise to use VPS rather than the dedicated server, in case you have a shortage of funds.
  2. Promotional codes: If you are a new user using promotional codes is an excellent idea to dosage some extra money. Many forums and websites provide promotional coupons and codes and some great deals from which you can benefit.
  3. Use of free host: Are you planning to launch a website, of course, your traffic count will be low right now so you can take the option of the free host rather than those comprehensive paid ones. So you can choose to take advantage of these free hosting service providers, or there are web hosting services that provide a free trial to beginners. Along with this, you can also get to lay your hands on SEO web hosting for free, if you pick up a reputed hosting vendor with dedicated service list.
  4. Use referral bonus: Look for referral bonus on your hosting server. Almost every hosting vendor provides a referral bonus. You can refer to your friends or on social media using your referral link. More the number of people that join using your referral, more bonus amount you get. You can use that bonus to pay for hosting service, thus saving you a lot of money.
  5. Take up a long-term sign up: Now, this is like buying some good in bulk, where you get an extra discount for bulk purchases. Yes, many hosting services offer a discount if you sign up with them for a longer time. So use it as per your discretion to enjoy hosting benefit as well as save some extra bucks.

These are some fundamental tips that will come to your rescue if you fall short of fund to manage your new blog or website. Another critical thing to remember in this that you must not forget the user experience you are giving while trying to save some money.

Of course, saving money is important but not at the cost of your users. How else you are going to make money if you are not offering a good user experience.

So, whatever you do, your prime focus is your readers or your users. Managing your new blog might seem confusing at the binging, but with the help of these tips, you will surely save some money without cutting short if anything, nor even your user experience and the benefits they derive from your website or blog.