How Pinterest Can Help Your Blog’s Traffic?

Pinterest has a high amount of referral traffic and in many ways, it beats popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in the same. Since its inception, it has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. In 2012, a report stated that Pinterest had more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. People tend to use and refer Pinterest more while looking for ideas to shop or invest. So, you know that a person scrolling down the many images on Pinterest is sincerely looking to buy something or is at-least looking for some unique ideas to implement. This is unlike a Facebook user who might or might not be actually interested in the idea your blog is based on.

Therefore, using Pinterest in addition to other social networking sites will give your blog more relevant traffic. Another great thing is the Pinterest Pin Button which is being added to a large number of websites. You can also create and add a Pinterest tab on Facebook. There are many other ways in which you can increase your blog traffic through Pinterest and some of them are as follows:

1. Start From The Scratch

Choose a business Pinterest account instead of a personal account. This will help you monitor traffic, give you a total access to tools like data analytics, ads manager etc.

When you optimize your account, create a SEO friendly username that can be discovered easily. You can always consult experts like Toronto SEO expert to know more about this. Also keep your blog’s logo or name as the centre focus of your account. Once your account is created, start adding boards and divide them according to any classification relevant to your blog. Add sufficient amount of pins on these boards and make sure to only add everything that is relevant to the niche of your blog. Link your Pinterest account to your blog to get started!

2. The Right Amount And Quality Of Images

To divert attention to your blog, you need to pin the right amount of images in your Pinterest profile. People are more willing to pay attention to high resolution images and colorful info graphics as compared to ordinarily sized pictures and drab infographics. Therefore pay attention to what kind of images or infographics you are saving in your boards.

3. Interact With Your Followers

Maintaining a steady communication with your followers without engaging in lengthy dialogues is one of the major advantages of Pinterest. Some of the ways you can do the same is as follows:

  • Pin regularly to get them featured more on your followers feed.
  • Follow back the people who re-pin your images and return the favor by repining their pins.
  • Always reply back with something if somebody initiates any dialogue with you.

The above points are a few ways you can engage your followers without doing much work!

4. Create A Contest Board

It is a well proven fact that everyone loves contests and free giveaways! Here’s your chance to use this fact to your advantage. You can always run contests on your blog but by making a contest board, you are just spreading the word in the right way. Add a precondition whenever you put up a contest and this should divert traffic to your blog. Preconditions can be something on the lines of “leave a comment on my blog to enter” or “like my blog to increase your chances” and so on.
People are also more likely to follow the contests you put up if they are on a fixed platform solely dedicated to them. A Pinterest contest board does just that!

5. Make Use of the “Pin It” Button

This is one of the proven ways to improve your blog’s traffic. Adding a Pinterest button to your blog will make people spread the word about anything that they liked. An increase in exposure is always a good thing when it comes to your blog’s traffic!
So the above were some ways in which you can use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic. As you know, small things do matter and we hope the above mentioned steps help you improve your blog’s traffic by a major number!