How ConnectPal Makes Marketing Your Content Easier

So you’ve decided you want to start a blog. Or, maybe you’re just looking for a new place to host other creative content like a podcast or video series. Or maybe you’ve recently started blogging, but were hoping to make a little money at it, and found that a subscription-based content platform may be the right direction for you.

However you come to ConnectPal, the service makes it easy for beginners to market both their online presence and their content. ConnectPal is a content platform, much like many others out there. But the big difference with ConnectPal lies in how the site handles subscription-based profiles for its users.

With ConnectPal, any kind of creator trying to share their work online can do so through the platform by creating a ConnectPal page and, within minutes, setting up a price for others to access that content on the page. Radio and TV personalities, comedians, and others have turned to ConnectPal in the past because it’s so easy to use, but you certainly don’t have to already have a following as a celebrity to get started.

Once a user sets up their ConnectPal page, they can set a price for readers to subscribe to it. An important next step: they can also begin to market their ConnectPal page through a range of online avenues. One of the quickest ways to market a ConnectPal page, particularly for those who are just starting out who don’t have a wide network to share their work with, is by copying and pasting their ConnectPal page link on their social media platforms. ConnectPal’s FAQs suggest Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and Periscope, as some examples.

When potential subscribers click on your ConnectPal page link, they will be automatically directed to your Welcome Page, where they can watch your Welcome Video and see what you and your content are all about before subscribing to see your content. That Welcome Video is key to marketing what readers can hope to find on your profile if they choose to subscribe.

If you’re going to blog, why not go with a content platform that will not only stand to make you a little bit of money, but that also makes it easy to draw in more subscribers and potentially see more revenue from your hard work? ConnectPal makes marketing your content incredibly simple, even for the most novice of bloggers.