Google tarts up Google Chrome

There’s a fresh beta available for the Google Chrome browser that indicates it’s perfectly serious about taking on the others in the latest episode of the browser wars.

The Chrome beta includes a theming system that lets you customize the look and feel of the browser while there are also some changes to the user interface.

Themes allow you to modify the look of the URL bar, the bookmarks toolbar and other elements of the user interface and also provides a number of sample themes for you to play with.

Perhaps more significantly, Google has improved Javascript performance with its own virtual engine dubbed V8. It claims a 30 percent improvement on its current release while it claims the Tab page is one of the most popular features and customization will make it more popular. The Omnibox feature has also been improved.

Google has also added HTML L5 features to the browser. Seems like the addition of several blingy features and performance increases mean Google is pretty serious about competing with the Firefoxes, IEs and Operas of the Internet world.

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