Four Content Marketing Tips That Will Up Your Leads

Research shows that using inbound content marketing strategies have delivered over 50% more leads into marketing funnels compared to using the traditional outbound marketing method. I’m sure many experts will agree with me when I say this, as implementing solid content marketing strategies have given increase in lead generations, increased volume of product interests, shorter sale cycles, and even better quality leads. Yes, strategies aren’t created equal but there are quite a few foolproof tactics one can use to reach success.

Regardless if you’re new to content marketing or an expert at it since it began, here are the four content marketing tips that will up your leads!

Four Content Marketing Tips That Will Up Your Leads

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to up your leads in business. Here are the top four effective tips you can start with:

1 Focus on Valuable Content For Your Audience

It all begins with pleasing your audience. It’s best to create the market-relevant content that isn’t just sellable but will educate and interest your readers. Don’t make it about your products, or at least, at its face value. Yes, your content shouldn’t always be about what you’re selling!

The main goal of the content you produce should be to pique the interest of your audience, which can make their lives better.

So ask yourself this question: What are ways or things you can post that would make the target audience more productive or happier? It’s time to post things that teaches your audience something useful. The best part about doing this is that you can lead your audience to topics that lead to a need for your product.

It’s best to sell your company and products but this is a second goal for your content marketing efforts. After all, unless it affects their every day lives, who would want to read about your latest products? If you’ve got something to share about what you’re selling, go the extra mile and see what the audience needs it for and what drove the company to create the product.

2 Create Direct Calls To Action

Did you know that over 50% of the buying process has been done even before the prospect client talks to your sales representative? This is because buyers are now searching online for solutions to problems, doing their own research on the product itself, which is why content marketing is a huge influence to today’s purchasing decisions.

For those who don’t have content mapped in your buyer’s journey, then it’s time to start doing so. Identify the content for each stage of your client’s buying process, which is awareness, consideration, and making the decision.

Stage one focuses on the industry research and opinions. Stage two should focus on product comparisons and evaluation pieces. Stage three focuses on where the specific content of your product should be in.

When you publish your content, make sure to have a call to action, encouraging your readers to move to the next step of the journey to purchasing the product. For example, with every guide you post, have about two lead-in blogs with a call to action that has them download a full guide or to purchase your product. Plan your content to make it flow from the bottom to the top of your buyer’s journey to purchasing your products.

3 Reach Out To Influencers

Influencers have become more popular throughout the past few years because of the power of spreading the word. Reach out to influencers related to your industry through asking them to contribute articles to your blog or to mention your company in one of their posts. You can interview influencers and add them to your blog posts. With contributors with a lot of followings providing views on topics related to your content, you’ll be able to crowdsource what you post while boosting the traffic of that article!

Just make sure that you circulate your published articles to your influencers then remind them to share it to their followers as well.

Additionally, you can reach out to influencers who will be able to blog or post a review about what you have to offer, which can raise traffic and prospect customers who will visit your website.

4 Don’t Forget About Your Content Distribution

Last but not the least, remember not to forget how to produce and publish your content properly. Remember, it isn’t just about creating the best content. If you don’t distribute it effectively, there will be no point and no one will be able to view it as much as you wanted to. No matter how interesting it is, if you don’t invest in the time and effort it takes to bring it out to the audience, not a lot of people will read it.

There are two ways to distribute your content, either through organic reach or paid distribution. Smart marketers would do both. I recommend that you look for effective companies and social media who can do paid advertising to your target audience effectively AND create email blasts to promote your content. Maximize organic reach by sharing your company’s articles in social media or sharing them on industry forums.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! Achieving a successful business doesn’t require you to build a whole army and to spend thousands of dollars to create high-performing marketing strategies. Whether you’re a small or huge business, you’ll be able to find success through well thought-out content plans. It’s a calculated science. As long as you know your audience and create what appeals to them, you will continue achieving your marketing goals.

I hope that this article on marketing tips helped you find ways on how to up your leads, may it be through SEO services or in social media. So don’t wait any longer and begin making a plan today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on content marketing, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think.