Five Features of a Good Cookie Press

Cookie presses that can be classified as the best of their kind will you give the kind of professional results you look at in bakeries. However, when you are someone who is buying a cookie press for the first time, it can be difficult to identify what to look for in a cookie press. The following are the features that need to be looked at to identify the best cookie press for you.


There are two kinds of cookie presses available in the market: manual and automatic. None can be classified as better than the other as, it is more dependent on your personal preference.

If you want to make a large batch of cookies in a small time and you do not have anyone else to help you with the frosting and decoration, then going for the automatic is a better option. Using an automatic press needs some level of guidance so it is important to read the user manual before using.

When you are working with tougher dough or want a greater variety of cookies you can make, then the manual press is a better choice.

Size and Shape

These two elements are important to be considered depending on the kind of use you have in mind for the cookie press. If you plan to make batches in heavy numbers often then it can be inconvenient to get a cookie press that is small in size.

The total volume determines how much dough can be processed at once, so the volume should be analyzed before making the final choice.


Higher end brands do not charge a higher price for nothing; they give you durability and good quality. To find the best brands in the market, it is a good idea to look at cookie press reviews instead of simply taking the advertisers opinion into consideration.

There is a lot of non-price competition between the market leaders, and it is often according to how many features it offers other than the basic cookie pressing. These features can be checked for in a good way through online reviews.


At the end of the day you cannot simply pay the price that the product demands, you need to have a look at your budget. At the same time you will most certainly want to make a purchase that lasts long so there needs to be a balance between how much you pay and getting the best quality in that price.

The best way to deal with this problem is to keep a budget with a good range so that the prices do not surprise you.

Extra Features

How can your cookie press be more than just a regular one? This question is answered as a strategy to increase market share. Producers have started including more than just the standard 1-2 discs for the shapes of cookies and included smart features in the automatic selection. These extra features act as incentives to purchase/drop one product for the other.