Five Benefits Of Thrive Content Builder

The popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day. It is an important platform while generating your own websites. But there are certain problems faced by the users of WordPress. Most themes are designed to look visually appealing at expense of conversions and obviously you would want to convert more visitors into buyers. In such scenarios, you can use plug-ins to generate custom page layouts that are designed to convert. In this way, you will not have to change your theme.

This is where thrive content builder comes into play. The content builder is a plug-in generated by Thrive Themes which will help you to improve conversions. You can go through thrive content builder review to get a detailed idea about it, but here are five major benefits of it:

Add eye-catching elements

You want your content to be attractive to readers. Thrive content builder can be of immense importance in this case. Someone must have said something good about your content or product. You can show off your skill to the world using this content builder. There are many options available that are not present in WordPress which will allow you to create content in a visually appealing manner like creating responsive tables.

Formatting blog posts

Thrive content builder will let you alter the color of you text, background of the text and even the fonts and font sizes. All of this can be done very easily. There are other normal features available that WordPress offers. You can change the margins and do whatever you want to do with the content. In a nutshell, you are creating the content your viewers want. Viewers do not get impressed simply by what they just read.

Easy to use

When it comes to using such applications, user-friendliness is the one of the most important factors one must consider. Thrive content builder is extremely easy to use. It requires no prior knowledge or expertise to operate the platform. Many of us might think that using such an application would require some technical knowledge. This is not true. There are even guides given to make sure everything is easy for you.

Free writing mode

When writing in the default WordPress editor, you must have experienced distractions that are not part of the actual preview process. This is not the case with thrive content builder. In this plug-in you can write article straight into Preview mode. This eliminates all sorts of distractions letting you focus on the work more effectively. The overlay can also be squeezed for a better display area.

Speed and cost-effective

Whenever we settle on any software or an application, two of the factors that we take into consideration are speed and cost. When it comes to thrive content builder, speed is a factor where it outstands. The speed advantage gives it an edge over other platforms. When it comes to price, the pricing of thrive content builder is cost-effective especially the unlimited sites option.