Eyebrow Grooming Alternatives That Work For Men

For men, eyebrow grooming is a controversial subject. It’s considered to be a female’s domain but with a routine, it can pay substantially when it comes to great looks. For men, eyebrow trimming is a different ball game. There’s a need to be precise with the said routine to avoid bushy or uneven looks. The good news is that trial and error will set you in the right direction. Even though men will forget their eyebrows, finding a routine that works will leave you surprised by the results.

Some individuals will shave using scissors while others already know the many perks that come with the a great eyebrow trimmer. The good news is that the best brands should work under any circumstance. But after finding a trimmer, it’s advisable to learn and understand the various grooming options that will work for a man.


The easiest grooming option for a man’s eyebrow entails plucking. You need a good pair of tweezers. You only need to focus so as to pick out strands that seem to be out of shape or desired angle. Even though it can be a bit irritating, you will enjoy the simple process. Forget the fact that it can be time consuming and be glad that it gives you ideal results, if your eyebrows are constantly overgrowing.

You need to start with a quick dab of let the eyebrow strands into a standing position. The ones that stick out oddly need to be pulled out. You don’t have to worry about leaving behind patches as you are only plucking out a few run away strands.


Just like beard trimmers, there is a notable abundance of eyebrow trimmers. There are effective and affordable options that solve your overgrown eyebrows. They are all over the market and it’s not difficult for men to spot them. They will work as perfectly as they do for the ladies.

Trimming your eyebrows is easy; you only need to be careful not to overdo it. As long as you are cutting the strands to the same level, the results should be satisfying. If you have straggly eyebrows, the trimmer should help you rein them in.


If you can’t trim or pluck the eyebrows, there’s the waxing option. Even though it feels weird waxing eyebrows, choosing a professional to do it is the better option. If you are skilled enough, you can still hack it from your bathroom. Waxing will pull-out the eyebrows in definite and smooth lines. You shouldn’t be worried about the tingly sensation when pulling out these strands, since you will enjoy spot less finish and your strands will come out whole. If you need to clear out lots of eyebrow hair, this is the perfect option.


Eyebrow threading sounds intricate, but it’s one of the most relied methods of grooming your upper brows. It entails the use of a special thread that catches and cuts hairs in one straight-line. The intricate process is better off handled by a professional. You will enjoy a soothing process and it’s not as irritating as the waxing option. The results are more than preside and it’s the ideal method for those who want elaborate eyebrow shaping.


Whereas it’s one of the eyebrow grooming alternatives, it’s not highly recommended. Since you are shaving the eyebrows at skin level, it might leave you with a weird look. This is an ideal option for ladies, who go on to apply shades that mimic eyebrows.

Before you pick a given eyebrow grooming method, it’s advisable to take stock of your eyebrows style and shape. If they are out of symmetry, you need to choose the method that will bring back sanity to these brow lines. There are distinct differences in the way ladies do it. For men, the idea is to get a stylish but natural look. It’s rather an elaborate process, and you need to be patient. If you cannot manage on your own, consider the help of a professional down at your local spa.

Grooming your brows with a quality eyebrow trimmer will get the excess bulk and unsightly looks off your face. You will enjoy a neat and appealing facial image. It’s never a complicated undertaking, and you need to choose the grooming option you feel comfortable with. With several attempts, it should feel like any other hair management routine.