Extend your Twitter to 200 characters

A firm has come up with a way to send Twitter messages that are 200 characters rather than 140 characters long.

The “breakthrough” was created by a New Zealand firm at www.maxitweet.com, which uses Unicode characters so you can say a little more about nothing much at all.

According to the company, Twitter uses Unicode and that can cope with 100,000 characters in hundreds of languages. The firm gave as an example the word “lions”, rendered into two characters, one a Cyrillic letter like “io” followed by the Unicode symbol for nanosecond – ns.

Maxitweet claims that many people complain about the 140 character limit and it wrote a Javascript engine that compresses text in the background.

The firm refers us to besttweets.com for the best tweets ever in 140 characters. This page shows just how banal the “Best Tweets” are, and giving them an extra 60 characters is hardly like to turn them into literary lions.