Ex-pats find way to view BBC TV abroad

The BBC’s rather excellent iPlayer lets people in the UK who pay the license fee watch top TV programs from the numerous channels offered.

The license fee is £139.50 ($233) but although the Brits moan about the BBC and the cost on a pretty regular basis, most people agree the corporation makes pretty good programs.

But the minute you leave the shores of the United Kingdom, the BBC knows you’ve left the country and you can’t watch the TV shows on the iPlayer any more. Except you can. A number of ex-pats, eager to watch pro-celebrity strictly come ice skating, Eastenders or Dragon’s Den have figured out a way to use the iPlayer using proxies.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You have to be pretty technically adept to find a way of bypassing the system.

A BBC representative told TG Daily: “Most BBC iPlayer content is only licensed for UK distribution. We use industry-standard methods to determine whether a user is based in the UK, and restrict iPlayer content access to UK users.”

Sure, you can watch some BBC services outside the UK provided by its overseas divisions – but you don’t get everything that way, and you do get adverts, which you don’t get if you watch the BBC in the UK. The license fee is the primary way the BBC is funded here.

So how do you do it? This page offers a clue, but again you must have a license, otherwise the guys in the TV detector vans will get onto a plane and hunt you down like a dog.