Different Types of Web Hosting and Which One You Should Choose

The most important thing about choosing a web hosting is to pay attention to what your website needs to grow. However, picking the most suitable hosting plan can still be very difficult, particularly because there are several different types of web hosting. To help you choose the best one, let’s find out about the pros and cons of each hosting type.

Shared Hosting

Just like what the name suggests, when you are using shared hosting, you are basically sharing the server with dozens of other websites. This is the best hosting service for beginners because shared hosting is very affordable and some even free. Unfortunately, this type of hosting is not reliable for advanced websites with a lot of visitors. If you are running a corporate website or even e-commerce platform, it is best to use dedicated servers and don’t even think about using shared web hosting.

Reseller Web Hosting

If you are planning to run a website and also run a web hosting business at the same time, reseller hosting can be a nice option. When you use this type of web host, you basically purchase many servers in bulk from a bigger hosting provider. After that, you can resell the servers in smaller packages to the other users.

The best thing about this service is you can sell the servers under the name of your business. However, the hosting company that you buy the servers from is the one responsible to provide support for your customers. As long as you have basic knowledge of web hosting, it can be a very profitable business model.

Virtual Private Server

If you need a much more dependable service compared to the shared web host, but dedicated hosting is far too expensive for you, Virtual Private Server can be a nice option. It is reliable, scalable and even though it is more expensive than shared or free hosting, it is still very affordable. Even though you will still share one server with the other websites, the configuration is different with shared web hosting. In addition, unlike shared hosting that can be used by hundreds of website, the virtual server is usually only shared among 20 or 30 websites.

Dedicated Server

At first glance, a virtual server that combines the best of both shared and dedicated hosting might sound like the best hosting option. However, if you are an owner of big enterprises where even the slightest downtime can cost you a lot of money, you really cannot play games when it comes to choosing web hosting. To make sure your website is always available, you must choose a dedicated server.

With this hosting plan, you don’t have to share the server with anyone else. It means you will have the utmost control over it. You can install any software to support your website and basically do anything you want with it. The biggest downside of this server is it is very expensive you have to possess adequate skill and knowledge about the server to manage your own server. But overall, it is still the best hosting service for big websites that expect thousands of visitors.