Corn syrup studies clever marketing

Corn syrup is added to a ridiculous amount of the food we eat. But the substance is little more than a chemically engineered sweetener which has been increasingly linked to health problems.

The nearly ubiquitous syrup is packed full of empty calories and has little nutritional value, so it comes as little surprise that the usage of corn syrup is at an all-time low.

Consumers are buying it less because it’s been suggested that the syrup is an active contributor to the country’s worsening obesity epidemic and may even be linked to the rise of diabetes.

As such, companies that have used it in the past have started a slow migration back to regular sugar. That’s right – people are demanding real sugar again, which tells you a lot about corn syrup.


Yet, the corn industry representatives swear it’s the same thing as sugar. Scientific research probably doesn’t agree with the claim, but that hasn’t stopped the corn refining tycoons.


Enter the marketing plan. In order to fix the slumping sales of corn syrup, why not change the way it’s marketed? Since the corn industry claims corn syrup is supposedly the same thing as sugar, they want to rebrand it.

The industry wants to rename it “corn sugar.” How deceptive. Clearly, they realize that people are finally reading the labels on food. How annoying it must be if you are in the business of selling people junk.

Because when something is exposed as nutritional junk, the trend these days is to look for it and avoid it.

So, how are the majority of health conscious consumers supposed to avoid corn syrup when it is going to be marketed under a different name?

Obviously, they aren’t going to be able to avoid it if the corn cartel has it their way. This is more than just clever marketing and way to clean up a damaged image. It’s deception.

Instead of fixing the problem with their laboratory created sweetener the corn industry just wants more political favors.

They lobbied the FDA to let the, change the name of the substance, so it sounds happier to the consumer! The name change on the food packaging won’t be official for two years, but that won’t stop the corn cartel from engaging in a little creative marketing – right now.

Will the FDA grant the wishes of the corn industry? I think so.

We’ve seen numerous politicians, businessmen, and bankers get financially bailed out.  Why wouldn’t the political establishment throw the corn refiners industry a bone as well?

Never forget that corn syrup replaced sugar in many American products because of political lobbying and financial favors. It wasn’t because people tried them both and decided they wanted sugar to be replaced by a newer, better sweetener.

No, it was because tariffs made imported sugar expensive.


People sought an alternative to expensive sugar and corn syrup began to be used in its place. This obviously benefitted the corn syrup giants of the world.


Corn syrup was never deemed better than sugar. Politics and bribery are the reasons corn syrup took over the American sweetener industry. And unfortunately, such practices haven’t stopped.