Content Creation Earns its Keep at ConnectPal

Information is money, according to the old adage and in the modern, digital world it is all about connections and content.

Forecasters have predicted that content marketing will be worth $300 billion in the next year. In fact, statistics show that content marketing brings in three times more leads than other techniques and costs at least 50 percent less.

While content creation has been the buzz word for years, a new way to earn money from your social media following has been building up at ConnectPal.

The company is a content creation website that is solely subscription-based. That means creators are under more pressure to produce quality content, which is a win for subscribers who can get more value-add content.

Anyone is able to create their own ConnectPal page, including bloggers, radio show hosts, athletes, celebrities, gamers, musicians, charities, religious organizations and more. There are more than 200 content creators currently on the site and some of the best-known page managers include Free America Network Radio, Vince Spadea (tennis professional), Alex Debogorski The Original Ice Road Trucker, Nick Di Paolo Podcast (Comedian), and Steve Solomon (radio host).

The idea behind ConnectPal is that content creators and other users will spread that word on social media. Thus, instead of giving quality content away for free, creators are able to earn money every month for their hard work.

One of the best features of these creation monetization websites is that anyone can subscribe to the content and the creator pays no startup or hosting fees. Rather, with sites like ConnectPal, content creators select a monthly price that subscribers are charged for access to the content.

Creators are given the opportunity to provide unique content for subscribers, which can include audio, video, photos and other documents. Other features of the site include welcome videos for subscribers. This is essentially a clip that advertises the creator’s style and material that potential subscribers can use to decide if they want to commit.

For creators, marketing has never been simpler. Pages are able to be updated and changed via mobile phone, tablet, desktop and laptop, making it viable to connect on-the-go. As well, for creators who need to take a break the site offers an away mode, which pauses the account. A notice goes out to subscribers when the creator sets the away mode. They will not be charged the monthly fee until the creator disables away mode and begins sending out content again.

ConnectPal also allows creators to have several accounts for sharing and they are also able to be a subscriber to content themselves.

As the role of media changes across the country and the world, many content creators have been searching for new ways to reach their audience. ConnectPal may have developed the best platform for creators and marketers to turn their social media connections into a business.