Clearwire to launch mobile WiMax in Atlanta

Chicago (IL) – Clearwire stated that the company intends to launch its mobile WiMax service next month in Atlanta, even it reported a first-quarter loss of $71.1 million. This comes following the company’s announcement on Wednesday that an alliance had been formed with Cisco to expand the service in the United States utilizing Cisco provided infrastructure equipment and user devices.

Clearwire is in a rat race to compete with Long Term Evolution, Verizon Wireless’ 4G technology, which will begin to sweep the nation later this year. The company is working to deploy the WiMax technology nationwide. This summer the company has plans to deliver the service to Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Philadelphia.

“Leveraging our robust pipeline of more than 19,000 cell sites under various stages of design and development, we are planning to significantly extend our wireless 4G network, enabling us to potentially cover as many as 120 million people with true broadband mobility across 80 cities by the end of 2010,” stated William Morrow, the company’s CEO.

Currently, the service is available in Baltimore and Portland, Oregon.