Choosing the Right Virtual PBX Provider for Your Business

Communications technology is evolving by the minute. With the invention of the internet, traditional phone systems are becoming obsolete and out of date. Communicating via the internet is an excellent solution and virtual PBX is becoming a very popular choice for businesses that have no need for entire PBX systems. However, even for virtual PBX, there are a few things to know when you are looking to choose a provider.

Your Business type

Not every provider meets the needs of every type of business. This means that you should figure out which features you’ll need because the more features in the PBX system, potentially the pricier it gets. Luckily, there are always packages you can choose from. It also depends on the size of your business, so make sure you’ve chosen a package that appropriately scales.

Easy to Use

Arguably one of the most important aspects is the simplicity of the interface and the technology. You don’t want to end up with a complex piece of technology that will be difficult and bothersome to use. After all, it’s supposed to replace a phone system, and phones have always been easy to use. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the virtual PBX will be able to keep your business running smoothly.

Good Customer Service

No matter how good the package you’re choosing is, if the provider doesn’t offer good customer service, then it might not be worth it. Every piece of technology is prone to issues, so being able to troubleshoot the problem and solving it within a reasonable timeframe is a must. Make sure that the provider is known to have good relationships with clients.

Recovery after Disaster

Sometimes, there is no fighting against nature. Natural disasters can’t always be avoided, so things like floods or fires are always a possibility. That’s why your provider should always have a disaster recovery option available. Such an option will keep your business running even in the worst of situations. Your system can be rerouted to use different numbers, such as personal mobile numbers, and you should also have reliable data backup included in the package for emergencies such as these.


Price is probably the most important factor for picking almost anything, virtual PBX included. Your bill shouldn’t cause a fatal blow to your business’ finances, so make sure to pick an appropriate package. If your business uses only a few minutes, maybe consider options like pay-per-minute plans. The more options you have for pricing, the better for your business.

Automated Call Distribution

When customers call to speak with a specific person and they get switched from person to person, they’ll likely hang up before reaching the person they were planning on speaking to. A good automated call distribution (ACD) system will keep things running smoothly, so make sure that your provider offers ACD in the package.

Communication is key for the success of every business. Making sure you’re well-connected is a must, which is why you’ll need to make sure the virtual PBX provider you choose will be able to fulfil your company’s communication needs.