Chinese prime minister gets PC letter – Green Damnit

Worldwide trade bodies have sent a letter to the Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao begging him to suspend plans to bundle Internet filtering software with PCs, according to the IDG news service.

China wants all foreign PCs imported into the country to use Green Dam software, and has said that’s to prevent young people being exposed to pornography. Others have suggested it is a way to prevent Chinese citizens from seeing any internet content the government doesn’t like.

The wire said that a total of 22 organizations asked Wen to lift the diktat, which is set to come into effect on the 1st of July.

IDG said groups signing the letter include US, EU and Japanese chambers of commerce, and the US Information Technology Industry Council.

The thrust of the letter to Wen is that by imposing the Green Dam software, China will threaten its own development as a “vibrant and dynamic information-based society”. The IDG story is here.