Carla Bruni victim of own success

She has everything, looks, fame, Napoleonesque husband, but Carla Bruni can’t get a website running to save her life.

The French first lady felt that not enough people realised how much work she did for Charity.  She was concerned that the French press was only interested in taking shots of her not wearing that much. On Monday she launched a website which showed her charity work and give the world a glimpse of her tough life in the Elysée Palace.

She already has a website dedicated to her musical career so she thought she needed one which focused on her as a First Lady. The new site was supposed to cover a foundation to help the underprivileged in France, her work as ambassador for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and life as France’s first lady.

However when it went online the site was immediately swamped by visitors. She had to stick a notice up that it “was a victim of its own success” and requesting visitors to try again in a few hours.

However it might not be the case.  Carla and her husband are not exactly popular these days with the Internet world.  The pair has dreamed up a three strikes and you are off the Internet law which was designed to appease Carla’s chums in the music industry.  Although no one has said it, the site could have been knocked over during a DoS attack. 

Let’s hope that her husband’s plan to Twitter his every move at a forthcoming climate summit in Denmark meets with more success.