BBC admits digital radio is a dog

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has pushed digital radio here for some years now, but a report on its flagship Radio 4 news program, Today, confirmed today that really it’s very unsatisfactory compared to the good old FM band.

What’s very embarrassing for the BBC is that the guys couldn’t tune in to Radio 4 using digital radio directly outside its headquarters in west London.

The program also asked its listeners whether they’d abandon FM for DAB and the vast majority of the respondents said no way, Jose.

On one of its own pages – here – the BBC says: “With digital radio, you can get all the digital stations bringing you extra news, sport, music, comedy, drama, children’s and more”.

That same page says that you get better reception, with “no more hiss and crackle”.

Certainly, you don’t get hiss and crackle if you don’t get a signal at all, as many people in the UK report. You get silence.