Analysis: DHS plans on scanning DNA at checkpoints

Just when you think the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has enough wonderful toys to keep them busy, they go out and add another. Get ready to have your DNA screened by the DHS.

According to The Daily, DHS has plans to begin testing a portable DNA scanner. The device has not been revealed, but it reportedly resembles a desktop printer. It is expected to make genetic tests far more common, especially in cases related to refugees, human trafficking and immigration. Experts think it will soon make its way into everyday medical and law enforcement usage.


All it takes is a swab of saliva and security personnel can use the machine to gather genetic intelligence in less than an hour. The tests show personal details about one’s ethnicity, race and lineage. Current DNA test methods sometimes take several weeks.


Here’s a nice little quote from Richard Selden, the executive chairman of NetBio, the company that developed the scanners:


“This can be done in real time with no technical expertise. DNA information has the potential to become part of the fabric of day-to-day life, and this facilitates the process.”

Do you know what that means? It means that lowly, DHS approved morons are going to be in charge of gathering your DNA and running it into a machine. This company NetBio has stuck to the fast food mentality and taken something complicated like DNA science and made it really simple like the idiot proof fryer at KFC.

That’s great, people with a KFC IQ taking our DNA while employed for the government. That could only happen in America I tell you what.

The DHS is now going to sell people on taking DNA from them at checkpoints or whatever other situations they set up. Hell, they’ll probably start taking DNA as requirement for flying just to make sure you don’t have too much terrorist DNA in your blood.

Here I go ranting and raving again, but doesn’t this worry anybody? Does it burn your biscuits? Just a little bit?

It seems that government wants a biometric database of every American to go with their social security number. Your DNA makes up a big part of who you are and the government is rolling out plans to get it from everyone.

Sure the DHS is giving us a reason why this is necessary, but this reason is pretty flimsy, even for them. They want to combat human trafficking and illegal immigration, so that’s why they have to DNA swab people, to stop the human trafficking.


What a load. If you want to stop human trafficking send The U.S. Marshalls or something to go manhunt their asses and kick the crap out of them. Don’t insult people’s intelligence by telling them that the reason you have to swab their DNA is to stop human trafficking.

And DNA swabbing won’t do much to stop illegal immigration because it doesn’t have much to do with addressing the wide open borders, which are where the illegals come from. They don’t grow on countertops like Chia Pets that’s for sure.

The government and its many national security and spy agencies are taking their love of biometrics to the next level. The DHS will be rolling out DNA tests soon, you don’t have a say in the matter, but don’t worry it’s somehow loosely related to national security.

Isn’t that a good enough reason for you to not question how creepy it is?