Amazon launches virtual private cloud

It sounds rather lovely: Amazon Web Services is to offer security-conscious organizations their own private cloud-within-a-cloud.

The idea is to let business customers move corporate applications such as email, financial systems, CRM and the like into the Amazon cloud – but still maintain control. The company hopes to attract customers who are nervous about trusting their applications to a fully-public cloud.

Customers will get their own isolated computing resources, and will be able to use their existing security tools and firewalls through the Virtual Private Cloud service.

They’ll only pay for the services they use, won’t need a long-term contract and won’t need much investment up-front, Amazon says.

The service, available now in beta, works with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service, and allows customers to create a VPC of between 1 and 20 subnets. This should merge with the customer’s own IT infrastructure through an IPsec-based VPN connection and users should be able to access applications in the same way as before.

Cloudy details are here.