A Beginner’s Guide To Purchase A Wireless Router

In this highly digitized era where 70% of the world population is hooked on to the internet, the computing and networking industries are experiencing a surge along with the smartphone manufacturers. While a major chunk of the internet users accesses the internet through smartphones and other handheld devices, using a computer is most common for commercial purposes. A router is needed to forward data chunks between home or office networks. This is an important hardware to install and connect your computer or multiple machines with the available ISPs (Internet Service Provider).

Create a checklist with the specifications you need

While there is a wide range of routers available in the market, each of them has different specifications and purposes. Buying a wireless router can be a tricky job as the manufacturers use acronyms and technical jargons to market their products which can be really misleading unless you are a pro. If you are looking to build a home network for an uninterrupted Wifi connection, the first and foremost thing you need to decide is your budget as well as the purpose. After that, follow the checklist below before you make a purchase.

Things to consider before buying a wireless router

· Opt for AC1200 and above: It is a common practice for the manufacturers and popular brands to mention the maximum bandwidth in the product name. Say, for example, AC1200, AC1900 or AC5400 routers. Although, as a beginner, you must not worry too much about these numbers just make sure the router you choose is above AC1200. An AC750 or an AC900 router might be an outdated product unable to fulfill your needs to build up a secured network with multiple connected devices.

· Dual band or tri-band routers: To set up a fast-paced Wifi network for full HD streaming and uninterrupted connectivity, a dual-band or a tri-band router is a must. A single band router is obsolete and users often stuck with network stability issues.

· Processor and RAM: Just like the laptop, the smartphone, and other computing devices, you must check the processor and quantity of RAM to obtain a seamless network. With changing times, our data needs have changed too and only a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor can handle multiple devices connected to the Wifi at the same time offering great speed. Also, if money is not an issue, a wireless router having 256MB RAM is suggested for optimum level of performance.

Review websites for product comparison and user reviews

There are many more specifications and criteria when it comes to selecting the best wireless router matching your requirements. It is advised to create your own checklist and sort among the popular brands that match your criteria. Learn more about the brands and compare the specifications in detail at the popular websites providing updated information and user reviews. Visiting these websites and blogs can be a great help for the beginners seeking guidance before making a purchase.