8 Ways To Sell & Promote Your Online Courses

Online platforms are flush with information, which means most users log on every day to learn something new. Billions of people across the globe get tips, acquire new skills and even earn professional certificates online. Online courses have democratized education and people can now learn everything from professional poker techniques to dividend stock valuations online.

If you’ve decided to tip your toes into the world of online education and managed to create your own online course, here’s what you can do to sell and promote it:

Kickstart an email campaign

Email marketing is still tremendously powerful. For better or for worse, email is still the default communication platform for most users. So, getting the word out about your course is much easier if you have a top-notch email newsletter list. Try to keep your subscribers informed about the course when it’s in development. Collect feedback and suggestions. Make sure you inform everyone when the course launches and keep students updated as it stays live.

Create a social network

Online learning could still be a social experience if you manage to leverage the power of social networks. Your choice of social network depends on the nature of your course. As long as you get through to the right audience and drive engagement, selling online courses and subscription services to them should be relatively easy.

Quizzes and contests

Contests and quizzes help you apply the power of competition to drive sales. You can offer free access to your paid courses for contests winners and design a fun and exciting quiz to drive engagement. It’s a great way to create some buzz around what you’re selling and it requires little to no investment.

Blog about what you teach

Content is king when it comes to online marketing. You need a blog that’s regularly updated with interesting and relevant content. If you can capture the attention of readers, you can easily convert some of them into paying subscribers.

Conferences and networking events

Nothing beats face-to-face interactions. Rent out a booth or organize a conference on your own to get people to interact with you. You can print out marketing material, offer vouchers, or use text-based tools to generate leads.

Cross-promote with partners

Webinars, cross-promotional events, testimonials, and guest posts are great ways to market your online course. Make sure you partner with established professionals who can offer you access to the relevant audience.

Paid ads

Paid ads are simple and highly effective. You need to do your research before you invest, but if you pull it off properly rest assured you’ll get a handsome return on your advertising investment.

Get students to recommend you

Perhaps the most powerful force in marketing is word of mouth. Offer discounts or incentives to students who recommend your courses to their friends and family.

Try these 8 simple tips – they can really help you boost sales for your online courses.