8 Tips on How to Make Awesome Explainer Videos

Online users simply do not have the time or patience to scroll through content pages to find what they are looking for. Most visitors simply click the back button on their web browser before this happens; a number of case studies show that visiting the web page lasts an average of 10 to 20 seconds.

Why this question?

Because it means that you have a very limited window to capture the attention of your visitors. Failure to do so ultimately means losing potential sales to competitors.

A captivating web design can certainly help increase engagement and reduce bounce rates. But there is another effective way to get visitors to stay long enough to find out more about your offer. Their use has also been shown to dramatically improve conversion rates.

What are explanatory videos?

Chances are you’ve seen one of these ones yourself. They are short, animated whiteboard type videos usually on landing pages that describe the products or services a company offers in a way that is easy to understand. Explainer videos are a very effective way to increase engagement and boost conversions.

The challenge is getting them right. Here are 8 tips for creating compelling explainer videos for your business.

1. Purpose for short videos

As mentioned earlier, attention span is incredibly short on the web. Simply slapping a video on your home page does not guarantee that it will work, and could have the opposite effect.

The sweet spot in terms of the length of the video seems to be about 2 minutes. This commitment begins to drop dramatically after the 3-minute mark. If you can get your message across in a short time, then by all means.

The key is to get right to the point, and include only the most important parts. If your videos are longer than 3 minutes, then change the content down until it is only a minute or two, longer than that and you risk visitors clicking away from your video.

2. Answer the Why

Customers finally want to know what’s in it for them. In other words, does this problem solve your solution, and why should they buy from your business?

It can be tempting to just shake off the functions of your products or services. But a better approach is to highlight the benefits because consumers if they can visualize your products tend to react in a more positive way to make their lives better in some way.

Apple offers an excellent example. Watch any product unveiling and it becomes immediately obvious how the benefits to the end consumer (for example: a better camera to capture precious moments, a faster processor to get more work, etc.). While other companies are focusing more on the technical aspects of their devices, Apple takes a different approach by highlighting how consumers benefit.

Follow this example when creating your own explainer videos to make them more effective. Tell people how to make their lives better for your products or services.

3. Write a short script

You know the length of the video, and focus on the benefits for your target audience.

These are important points when creating the script that you want to get your message across without annoying your viewers. Spend the time writing a little script that showcases your products or services in a business that gets the point across. It should also be simple enough for anyone to understand.

Start by writing a first draft of your script. How would you describe your products or services to potential prospects?

Your first project will probably not be perfect, and it may be longer than expected to the point that it goes on the sweet spot of 2 minutes. So, be absolutely relentless when editing, and cut out all the pieces that do not contribute much to the video. This is your chance to share your story, so report back.

4. Inject Humor

A feature that many share viral videos is a sense of humor.

The content that makes you really smile or laugh leaves a lasting and memorable impression. It gives you something to talk about and greatly increases the likelihood of you sharing with others.

Take, for example, Old Spice “Smell like a Man” campaign. The video is not only artistically in what looks like a single shot, but it also incorporates humor. The campaign was a resounding success for the company, attracting positive attention and boosting sales. Although not exactly an explanatory video, it illustrates how humor can be effective.

Incorporate humor to keep your video and light fun. Your video can go viral on the web and become a huge hit, driving more traffic and sales to your business.

5. Do not compromise on quality

First impressions count more than you think.

Consumers are often very critical of new businesses with which they interact, especially if they have no point of reference. If a visitor is presented with a low-quality video with sound that does not sync properly, it leaves a bad impression. An explanatory video can dramatically increase conversions when applied to the right.

Either invest in quality recording equipment, or consider hiring video production services. If you work on a limited budget, another option to consider is to buy doodle ads. Animations are a fun and creative way whiteboard to increase participation on your landing pages.

High-quality images and a professional phrase also accompany the video for even better results for your business.

6. Set the tone with the right Music

Music has a powerful impact on the brain. Composers are able to skillfully manipulate musical notes to evoke all types of emotions. The effect that some songs can have should not be underestimated.

Use good music to help set the tone and rhythm of your video explainer. But it does not have to drown out the voiceover or dialogue, as the music has to blend in with your video to make it look more professional. Services such as PremiumBeat offer vast libraries of songs and other sound effects for a reasonable price.

7. End with a call to action

Including a call to action is an important part of visitors driving to a conversion. It tells visitors about the actions you want them to take. A call to action that offers a clear advantage has a better chance of converting a generic “click here” or “call us.” Xero, online accounting software for businesses, is ending their video explainer with a simple message to get started with a free trial.

After detailing your products or services and describing how they address certain points of pain, end the clip with a call to action, whether to start a free trial, or call a number for more information.

8. Plan the launch

Your video is finally over and you are happy with how it turned out.

Now what?

Your work has not been done yet, because there are still a number of things you need to do before the video can begin to generate measurable results. Successfully launching a video for your business includes the following steps:

Choose a video host: YouTube is perhaps the most popular video platform, with more than a billion users. But you’re not limited to YouTube because there are many other options to host your video, including Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove, and more.

Integration with your site: Now that your video is uploaded with a host, the next step is to integrate it directly into your site. Most companies choose to put their video directly on the homepage so that it is front and center for new visitors. No matter where you place the video, it should seamlessly integrate with the rest of the page.

Market your video: If you want your video to have more impact, you need to take action to get the word out. At a popular hosting service such as YouTube should help get some traffic to it. But taking advantage of your blog, newsletter and social media can help attract even more traffic.


Video is a great way that is able to convey a message much more effective than text or images.

If visitor engagement is low rate and rebound are high on your landing pages, consider turning to video explainer: short clips that offer a more visual overview of your products or services, and how consumers can benefit.

By using explainer video on landing pages not only increase engagement but also more sales to your business, as many case studies have shown. The challenge is to get these types of video rights; simply slapping a video on your site does not guarantee that it will work.

So before you start your own explainer videos, follow the tips described here to make them more effective.