Where does Google Glass rank on the douche-wear scale?

Douches rule the world. There is empirical proof of that. They are everywhere. Google Glass will be their mind control mechanism. It will also stop all procreation. You have been warned non-douches. 

Google Glass has earned the plaudits of sycophants everywhere who are looking to Sergey Brin to validate them, or get a discount on a quick DNA test.

Yet, we can’t help feeling that it reminds us a lot of the mighty Bluetooth earpiece, douche-wears first true technology breakthrough.

Obviously, the Marge Simpson Beanie is the ultimate in douche-wear but it does not light up or connect to the Internets so, we have to give it a pass.

Nope. if we see people with Google Glasses we don’t be envious. We be dismayed and saddened by the knowledge that said person is probably one step away from 24/7 streaming of selfles to his, or her, 1,576 social network accounts (27 followers on each one).

On the other hand, if you want to go all wearable tech and stuff, this is how you rock eyewear: