7 SEO Tips to Make Your Website Rank Higher in Google Search

While internet visibility is one of the most things that a budding entrepreneur or an established business would require, it has to be done the right way to be able to get the best out of it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique or rather a term given to the process of being visible on the internet search results. There are many ways through which one can increase the chances of appearing at the top lists of the search results in relevant searches. We will look at a few SEO tips to be able to do that.

1. Keep It Well Structured

Search engine have become fairly smart over the years and can differentiate between how good or bad a website is. It is thus important for the website to be well structured and have internal links to all important topics in the website. Needless to say, navigation within the website should be swift and simple to browse and will be thus indexed by search engine crawlers.

2. Understandable and Optimised URL

The web pages in your website may contain keywords for various topics around but each webpage within the website should have a unique keyword separated by hyphens (-) and not underscores (_). When we use underscores instead of hyphen search engine counts it as one single word and the purpose of our keyword is lost. It is advisable to focus only on one keyword and emphasize on it for better results.

3. Title Tag

Title tag for each page is very important as the intelligent search engine is very keen on finding relevant pages matching to the keyword of the search presented by the user and the one chosen by the website. The title tag should always be short and creative to catch the audience’s attention and keep them engrossed on the webpage. Title tag is basically the first thing that people see about your website so, make it worth.

4. Meta Description

Meta tag is nothing but the description about the page below the title tag. It is one of the most crucial part of Search Engine Optimisation as the description about the page will help guide the audience towards it. The optimal length of a meta tag is around 150 words ad will be displayed right under the title of the page. Many can help you designing best strategies like A.P. Web Solutions – specialist search engine marketing agency.

5. Choosing the Best Keywords

Choosing the right keywords suiting best to the content of your website is very important. The next step is to be able to place the right words at the right places to garner attraction. Using the right keyword right from your blogs to all your content on the website will account to having better recognition. Mixing different keywords will also help since then you can exploit the benefit of two keywords at once.

6. Providing Quality Links

External links guiding to external sources from your website must be of trusted and reputed websites. Do not indulge in paid links as they don’t always endure good quality content. One of the best ways to get yourself higher is to help others who in turn will help you by having your link on their website. Link building strategies are an important asset to invest in.

7. Social Media Coverage

One of the most efficient ways to get your website on top results is to have good social media following. Though this is completely different aspect of SMM (Social Media Marketing), it is still a very effective way to be noticed on the internet. Paid marketing and SEM will put a load on your pockets but they do help but it is initially necessary to get the free things right in order to succeed in the paid ones.

These were simple yet very efficient ways of how SEO can transform your website to appear higher in the search results and boost your company’s or organisation’s status multiple folds in the online world. These tips will help you get better with consistency being the key.