7 Reasons Why eBooks are Better Than Printed Books

“Save the environment” is the cry coming from all the corners of the world, with the French President very recently requesting the world leaders to put emphasis on environmental welfare in all their activities. At this time trees, the savior of environment, are the most protectable things on the planet. Hence, the outcome of debate on which form of book is better – printed or eBooks is expected to incline in only one direction.

The 21st century is the century of technology, where technology should be assimilated with everything to make things easier for human civilization. The demand has been fulfilled by advent of eBooks, which makes the task of reading much easier in comparison to what it was with eBooks. Here are some reasons why eBooks are preferred choice over the printed books.

1. Can Be Obtained Quickly

The eBooks can be very easily obtained in comparison to the printed ones. While looking for a printed book, you will have to travel from shop to shop in search of book or you can order it from any e-commerce website. Even if you order the book, it will take minimum of one day to be delivered. However, you get the eBook as soon as you download it. In case of pirated eBooks, downloading them is even easier. So, it terms of time required to be obtained, printed books are distant second.

2. Can Be Upgraded and Updated Fairly Easily

The upgrade and update of any printed book would mean development of new copies which will be required to be processed in printing press. Even when the book is upgraded, the copy that you have in hand is not the upgraded one and if you go for the upgraded one, you will have to spend your hard earned money once again. On the other hand, upgrading and updating eBooks, be it pirated eBook or original eBook, is much easier. Also, you can easily update the copy that you have at hand.

3. Goes with The Mission of Saving the Environment

As discussed in the introduction of the topic, saving the environment is an important mission that we have in hand at present. By using eBooks, you can save many trees required to be cut down for getting the printed book served to you. So, go green and select eBooks.

4. Easy to Carry

In terms of portability, there is no comparison between eBooks and printed books. While there is a limit to number of printed books you can carry, however thin they are, you can accommodate million times more books in your tiny eBook reader within small space. So, lesser talked about this point, better it is for printed books.

5. Consume Very Less Space

EBooks consume very low space, thus making it user friendly. You can accommodate hundreds of eBooks within a single gigabyte of space. Printed books consume physical space, which is limited.

6. Much More Durable and Better Readability

The paper books are bound to get old and the color of the paper is set to fade away. However, these problems are not there with eBooks. A good eBook file, if handled properly, is expected to last for long long time. Until and unless the file is affected by some kind of virus, you are free to use and read the book again and again.

When it comes to readability, the eBooks are miles ahead of any paper book. You can adjust the brightness as per your will, increase or decrease the size of the text and letters easily and can search any word in the book at just one go. In case of some Pirated eBooks, the quality of pages is not good. But when we are comparing the two, the onus should be on genuine eBooks rather than the pirated ones. So, the readability of the book is greatly enhanced by use of technology and with technology expected to develop more and more with time, expect the reading experience to get better. So, in terms of durability and readability, printed books stand nowhere near the eBooks.

7. Cost Effective

The cost of eBooks is much lower in comparison to printed books. In case of pirated eBooks, the price scales down further or in some cases, it is absolutely free. So, eBooks do not burn a hole in your pocket, which is what you definitely want.

Though the rise of eBooks has led to making of pirated eBooks, which rob the authors from their share of profit, the pros outweigh the cons by heavy margin, making them suitable choice for all.