7 Instagram Tricks That Will Get You More Followers

Although social platforms have traditionally been equipped for usage by individuals and small content creators, in recent years, both businesses and more expansive content creators have flocked to social media to share their brand.

Social media heavy hitters, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat allow users to advertise their respective brands, but such efforts are useless without the presence of a sizeable and interested audience.

On social media, getting more followers is the key to marketing success, so all users should be cognizant of methods to expand their total following. Here are 7 tricks for getting more Instagram likes and followers.

1. Determine a theme.

Although Instagram has worked miracles for certain brands that would otherwise never break into the spotlight, this isn’t to say that simply posting random pictures will guarantee a following or even views. Having a plan of action before tackling Instagram can be fruitful when trying to gain more followers.

The first step is coming up with an overall account theme that describes the kinds of content being posted and the kinds of people being targeted. This method not only serves a guide for future Instagram content, but it also allows marketing teams to better understand their main audience. In addition, this can contribute to better user-follower interactions and natural growth through followers who share common interests.

2. Instagram automation.

Supported by many third-party applications, Instagram automation tools like SocialDrift can simplify the process of maintaining an online presence to nothing more than pre-determining certain types of content and captions into an app’s database.

Function like follower behavior analysis and optimal scheduled posting can revolutionize the way users create content and gain Instagram followers. With so much more accessible insight and the capability of easy testing through automation, getting more Instagram followers has never been easier.

3. Interact with your audience.

Obtaining new followers is a challenge on its own, but keeping them hooked is far more difficult. An easy workaround to the eventual loss of bored consumers is to regularly engage the audience. Whether this involves posting consistently or actively reaching out to followers, the very act of engagement helps a better user-follower connection.

Also, these interactions can create a positive brand image that can attract new followers. Despite the consistent deliberation required, efforts of engagement can both keep and attract followers, resulting a powerful overall marketing method. Businesses need only treat their followers well to strengthen their existing audience bonds and build new ones.

4. Stick to a schedule.

On Instagram, consistency is key. Regular photo and video posts allow followers an intimate view into the daily dealings and personal values of their favorite users. Without these regular updates, followers may opt to take their attention elsewhere and unfollow promptly.

Sticking to a predetermined posting schedule can alleviate any chances of losing followers. In addition, the presence of consistent posts may attract followers who appreciate regular posting. Users should adopt some form of a schedule to retain their followers and also to organize their own content moving forward.

5. Collaborate with other users.

Although connecting to related accounts on other social platforms can spike follower growth, collaborating with other Instagram users and brands can also expedite the process of gaining followers. While interaction chiefly spurs new content ideas, it most importantly broadcasts these collaborations to an existing audience and a previously unknown audience.

Working together with other Instagram users not only promotes new and improved content creation, but also creates follower growth by exposing this content to new audiences.

6. Brainstorm new ideas.

Engaging followers and consistent posting are expert strategies for preventing an account from going stale, but they’re very little use if no effort is made to come up with brand new ideas for content. No matter how popular the initial reaction, reposts can never quite live up to the hype of their predecessors unless significant improvements are made.

Brainstorming, in whatever form it takes, is necessary for Instagram accounts to retain follower interest. Whether it’s from collaboration, events, or regular brainstorming, new ideas are needed to increase account traffic and make exciting new content.

7. Connect to related platforms.

Instagram might be the focus of these tips, but other social media may actually be capable of cross-platform content promotion. As stated before, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat also carry millions of loyal users looking for more and more content to consume. Therefore, linking together these different platforms can be powerful tool for amassing new followers.

Including a Twitter or Snapchat account in an Instagram bio not only promotes follower growth by exposing different audiences of the same brand to one another, but it can also introduce followers to content not native to their platform of choice. Ultimately, this allows users access to more followers and followers more access to content, so it’s a win-win for everyone.