7 Effective Ways on How to Take Advantage of Instagram Algorithms

Recently, Instagram users have noticed a decrease in the organic display of their own posts. The discussion raised the hype in the expansion of the global network and everything came to the point that company representatives decided not to remain silent and clarified the situation. In 2018, Facebook announced the cancellation of its main algorithm, after which many were faced with a reduction in the organic coverage of posts. Let’s take a look at how the Instagram algorithm works, so that you know how to properly promote your account.

  • Algorithm Instagram is based on 7 basic principles that affect the popularity of your account in the social network:
  • Involvement – in other words, the popularity of your post and user activity;
  • Relevance – the type of content users are most interested in;
  • Interconnection – profiles that are often encountered by the user;
  • The urgency is how long ago the post was added;
  • Search history – accounts that a person visits often;
  • Sharing –  posts that the user often sends in private messages;
  • Time – the duration of the publication.

Each of the above factors should be given attention to if you want to become successful and draw more attention to your posts. 

7 strategies that will help to use Instagram algorithms in your favor.

Work on photo quality

Getting good positions in the users’ feed will be provided by suitable content that could interest them. But it’s hard to imagine exactly what users like. Photos gaining many likes online combine the following points:

  • Bright and bold colors;
  • Beautiful and unusual landscapes, as well as interiors.

This is what encourages users to click like. If you want to get the ball rolling, you can get real likes on Instagram. This will make sure other Instagram users will be triggered to like your posts. By publishing quality photos, you get a big advantage over others. If not, then it’s time to work on your account. Use the software for processing, which will help make them more beautiful and original.

Publish Instagram Stories

Stories are very popular and draw attention to your profile, although the Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t take them into account. They are published above the news feed, which makes your account more visible. This also increases the activity of users, because they will go into the profile, view it and put likes. Stories on Instagram allows you to add music, photos, videos, animated stickers and even ask questions, thereby making contact with the audience. In addition, the algorithms recommend users to the content of the profile, which they regularly view. Even better, if you publish music and videos in them, that always gets good coverage.

Add more content 

Video playback in profile feed starts automatically, which attracts more attention to them. But the photo has a chance to go unnoticed. In addition, the administration of the service is now actively promoting its application IGTV, where you can upload videos with a duration of up to 1 hour. Not so long ago, IGTV videos began to appear in the news feed. It is enough to publish short videos that can be created using the Boomerang application. 

Use broadcasts – the key to your popularity 

Broadcasts do not have a direct impact on the behavior of Instagram, but when they are turned on, users receive notifications that draw attention to your profile. Answer the questions of the audience and be polite during the broadcast, which will help to become more successful.

Add interesting captions to publications. 

It is assumed that the Instagram algorithm takes into account involvement above other factors, and therefore posts should collect as many likes and comments as possible. To provoke a conversation is very simple – for this, mention in the comments one or more of your friends. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the service is actively fighting the cheat of engagement. Therefore, it is not worth doing this with every post. In the signature, you can ask questions to users with a request to respond in the comments, which increases the involvement and makes your profile more interesting. 

Arrange a competition

Contests are always popular, because many users want to try their luck and probably win. As a rule, its conditions are to create unique content by users or specify a specific hashtag. Thus, it is possible to significantly increase engagement. True, contests should not be held too often, otherwise users will simply become tired. The conditions of the competition should be simple and clear; the only way they will give the proper result. And be honest, the prizes must reach their recipients, otherwise it will damage your reputation.

Use hashtags 

Thanks to hashtags, more users will see your posts and even those who are not among your followers. According to the study, it is ideal to attach 9 hashtags to a post, although some brands increase their number to 15. This is not frightening, but rather attracts an audience. Since 2017, there is an opportunity to follow hashtags, which makes them even more productive.