6 Features of Great Law Firm Website Design

Common sense dictates and considerable research studies have proven that the first impression has a big impact. In the modern world, where digital technology seems to be replacing everything, a website is the best opportunity that every law firm has to make a good first impression to potential clients. The manner in which this site is designed, speaks volumes about the attorneys’ mannerisms and expertise in the legal sector. More importantly, your law firm’s website design determines the conversion rate, that is, the number of people who end up taking any action after they visit your site. To create a good first impression, ensure that your website has these six core features.

Modern Theme

One of the most crucial aspects of your website is its appearance. You will only have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of the reader so make sure it counts. It means that your website theme is a big deal. Ideally, you should ensure that your theme is neither vague nor outdated. If it is, you will lose tons of visitors within few minutes. Choose a theme that relates to your law firm and one that showcases your uniqueness.

Be responsive

Presently, over half of all website traffic happens on cellphones and other devices. Whether you are using your tablet, smartphone or iPad, it is no secret that the majority of internet users surf websites on gadgets other than a computer. As such, you should make your law firm website as responsive to other devices as possible. If it’s not compatible with mobile devices, you will end up losing potential clients just because they cannot navigate your site from the convenience of their devices.

Compelling photography

More than any other component, it is the imagery that you put on your site that determines whether a reader sticks around or not. With great and relevant images, you can capture a reader’s attention and convince them to check out other features of your site. For the best results, consider having professional photos posted. These could be pictures of your law firm company or images of some of you associates in court. Any images you opt to use need to have high resolution and be relatable to your practice.


Another technique to optimize your site is by having client reviews. Once you have your law firm website on search engines like Yelp and Google, the next step entails getting some of your past clients to offer reviews. Potential clients will feel more confident hiring a criminal attorney, who already has a proven record for success.

Calls to Action

Popularly referred to as CTAs, calls to action provide the easiest way of transforming visitors into leads. The idea behind a call to action is to prompt your website’s visitor to provide contact information through which you can reach out and provide the needed legal assistance. To maximize the chance of turning CTAs into leads, you should have them on every page.

Practice Area Pages

Another thing that can maximize your search engine rankings is creating a practice area page. Do you handle personal injury law cases? Are you a criminal lawyer? Regardless of the area your law firm specializes in, it’s prudent to have a page for each practice. Creating more content translates to a higher number of keywords; hence, improved ranking on search engines.

Wrap Up

There are six key elements that every law firm website needs to have. These are being responsive, practice area pages, an excellent theme, reviews, calls to action and compelling images.

Shruti Gupta is a writer, marketer and outreaching expert .She writes about technology, startups & other niches. She has contributed to a number of famous websites like Thenextweb, Deccanchronicle and Crazyegg. Stay tuned with her at:@shruti_gupta01 or via Skype : shrutigupta2811