5 Uses of Stillage

There are many stillage manufacturers around. Customers do approach the manufacturers to purchase stillage but most of them do not have an idea about what they are buying. This may negatively impact their purchasing decision. Whenever you are conducting a purchase whether it is a minor or a major thing, you must have the knowledge about the product. This is help you make your purchasing decision well-informed benefiting you in the long term. Assessing the pros and cons of a product or service is necessary before buying it. Same is the scenario with stillage. Generally businesses do not know how stillage can prove to be beneficial. They even do not know what stillages are.

What are stillages?

Stillage is usually produced using steel and is used to separate and carry goods. This can be quite helpful in factories where internal transportation of goods is a frequent activity. Here are five major uses stillages offer:

  1. As mentioned above, stillages make transportation of goods easy. In factories things are being produced in bulk. Thousands of articles are being created within hours. Not only their production is being taken place, but their transportation from one place to another within the factory is part of regular activity. Stillages can be a solution in this case. Goods can be stacked on stillage and be transported with ease and convenience. Stackable stillage also makes your business more organized and will allow you to find the product easily. Transportation has become much safer with stillage.
  2. Loading and unloading of products in a factory is a norm. Stillage can be used widely in factories to ease the process. Transportation to warehouses and end consumers can be easily done using stillages. Loading and unloading of goods is much easier with the help of stillage which will help you to save massive amount of time. And in the end, time is money.
  3. Stillages can also be used as a recycling unit or a bin. We all know how much emphasis is laid upon recycling these days. Given the importance of recycling things, one must consider all the possibilities regarding recycling and reusing. When it comes to stillages, they can act as a recycling instrument. A large metal box stillage which can come with or without a lid can be used to collect industrial scrap which can later be recycled into something useful.
  4. Stillages can be used to maximize your storing capacity. Factories often need space to store their goods somewhere. These can be placed to increase your storage area. You can store number of goods depending on the type of stillage. Some stillages also allow you to stack goods which will further add to the capacity of it.
  5. Glass industry has benefited from stillages a lot. A-frame stillages are produced such that transportation of glass has become extremely safe. The glass sheets are placed in such a manner that there is a less tendency of them breaking or cracking into pieces.