5 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Apps for Busy Solopreneurs

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has quickly edged out traditional marketing, thanks to the ever-evolving technology. 

Today, the demand for digital marketers far outweighs the supply. Solopreneurs can take advantage of the numerous social media marketing apps currently available to them.

Here are 5 must-have social media marketing apps for busy solopreneurs:

1. Revive Old Posts

This unique WordPress Plugin shares your old social media posts automatically, keeping them alive and driving more traffic. 

However, Revive Old Posts does much more than recycling your posts – it also helps digital marketers to promote their unique content. 

It’s actually one of the best social media marketing apps for budding entrepreneurs around the world.

Here are the most outstanding features offered by Revive Old Posts:

  • Sharing both old and new posts
  • WP to Twitter functionality
  • Option to exclude some specific posts
  • You get to choose the posts that should be shared
  • Select the exact time between different posts
  • This app is conveniently integrated with Google Analytics
  • Exclude certain categories
  • Focus on particular topics using hashtags
  • Compatible with URL Shorteners
  • You can include links that redirect visitors back to your distinct site

If you opt to use the Revive Old Posts PRO version, you’ll get some extended perks that include custom share messages, custom schedules and posting on multiple social accounts. This app is constantly updated to make it more efficient and eliminate any issues. There’s all the reason to incorporate this app into your digital marketing campaign.

2. Buffer Chrome App

Google Chrome offers a useful extension called Buffer that allows individuals to manage their social media profiles with ease. If you frequently to share amazing content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Buffer is the perfect app for you. Delightfully, it’s so easy to use. 

So how do you utilize the Buffer Chrome App? Simply start by installing the Buffer extension to your Chrome browser. 

Whenever you get some interesting content online that you’d want to share with your followers, simply click on the Buffer icon (located on the top right section of your screen). 

This will allow you to share that web article on a variety of social media platforms, either now or later. When the article is shared, you can simply sit back and enjoy the likes, retweets, and comments from your followers and friends. Buffer sits among the best social media marketing apps today.

Buffer conveniently allows users to schedule their posts at a later time. You can make any adjustments you need. 

In addition, it’s easy to check how well your post performs using the analytics features offered on buffer.com. 

Signing up for this amazing Buffer Chrome app is quick and easy. It’s also free. You can save lots of time by using Buffer to manage your various social media platforms.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an amazing social media management application that allows users to find, schedule and post content on a wide variety of social media platforms. Numerous marketers love working with Hootsuite because it makes their work much easier.

Here’s what Hootsuite has to offer:

  • Managing multiple social platforms concurrently: Hootsuite allows you to post updates, respond to comments and interact with followers on ALL popular social media sites. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, and MailChimp.
  • Conveniently schedule posts: with Hootsuite, you can easily schedule posts and messages early in advance. When it comes to social media marketing, timeliness is key. This app will post your messages across multiple accounts at your preferred time, making it easy for more people to read your content.
  • Analytics data is made available: you can view how effectively your marketing strategy is working by checking out the precise analytics feature by Hootsuite.
  • Improve your social media customer service: Hootsuite also helps users to quickly view customer feedback, views and queries on a single platform. This allows you to address every issue promptly. Your consumer engagement will be enhanced dramatically once you start using Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is one of those crucial social media marketing apps that busy solopreneurs must have.

4. Shareaholic Chrome Extension

Google Chrome has yet another useful extension that busy solopreneurs can take advantage of: Shareaholic. 

This tool allows users to save and share interesting web links with their social media followers. Shareaholic supports a variety of services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Mail, and others. 

This extension helps to keep your bookmark bar tidy and spruced up. In addition, it guarantees the safety and privacy of users by preventing spyware, adware or malware from attacking your PC.

Once you install this free Chrome extension, you’ll notice that it’s fast, lightweight and 100% customizable. Shareaholic allows you to get the most recent videos, blogs and news updates immediately they emerge. 

You can share interesting content on a variety of your social networks quite easily using this extension. It’s one of those social media marketing apps that makes your work easier, so there’s all the reason to install and utilize this chrome extension.

5. Sumo.Me Share buttons

If you’re one to frequently share interesting content with your followers, then you’ll certainly love the SumoMe share buttons. Simply download this plugin and place any number of floating share buttons within your distinct webpages. 

The beauty about placing various share buttons on your website is that it increases traffic to your site by over 20%. 

When your readers spot these unique share buttons within your webpages, they’ll be encouraged to share your content with their friends and followers on various social platforms. 

Consequently, your content will spread more rapidly and your website will enjoy more traffic emanating from the shared content.

The SumoMe share buttons are remarkably easy to place on your preferred web page. In addition, you can display a wide variety of share buttons on a single webpage, depending on the specific social media sites you want your visitors to share the content. 

These buttons are easily customizable: you can alter the size, label, style and even the background color of your shares. 

Another benefit of using SumoMe share buttons is that you receive real-time stats from every social media share you get. This allows you to gauge the sharing rate among different social platforms. 

You can conveniently place floating share buttons in several independent spots for both mobile and desktop versions. 

3 Tools for Designing AMAZING Social Media Marketing Graphics

Graphics are the new king of social media marketing. Studies show that individuals remember more than 65% of all visual content they come across after three days. 

Incorporating graphics into your social media campaign will certainly add that extra spark to your digital marketing efforts.

Here are 3 amazing tools you can utilize to create stunning social media graphics:

1. Canva

Canva is by far the best graphic design tool for budding solopreneurs across the globe. You can use it to create virtually ANY visual graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms. 

Delightfully, Canva contains thousands of FREE templates, stock photos and graphic elements that you can use – these elements are entirely customizable, meaning you can add your own twist in the tale.

Learning how to use Canva is one of the smartest things you can do as a digital marketer. With Canva, you’re always a template away from great designs. 

Whether you are designing a stunning cover image for Twitter or creating a brilliant Instagram story, Canva is the go-to graphic design tool. You can open a free account with Canva and get access to an assortment of templates.

 2. Picmonkey

PicMonkey is a remarkable photo editing tool that also couples as a graphic design maker. Unlike most online photo editors, PicMonkey provides a vast array of features that will transform your bland images into professional-looking photos that you can use on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

PicMonkey also provides a vast selection of design templates that range from business cards to wedding invitations.

Remarkably, you can access most features and tools offered by PicMonkey absolutely free! This site has numerous developers working day and night to provide enhanced features and better upgrades. It’s certainly one of those social media marketing apps that you’ll fall in love with.

3. Adobe Spark

Back in 2016, Adobe Systems released a fully integrated suite of storytelling apps called Adobe Spark

You can use this amazing tool to create outstanding graphics for your social media, super responsive web pages or even video stories for your IG. 

The reason Adobe Spark is so unique is its numerous functionalities. You can create any design feature within minutes and share it instantly with your friends and followers. 

Adobe Spark gives you the freedom to inspire others using your riveting storytelling. Spark is supported by both iPhone and Android devices – you can also access it on your laptop.

In this technologically advanced era, working smart will help you produce remarkable results and save you lots of time in the process. 

Using some of the social media marketing apps discussed above will help you gain more conversions and increase your sales numbers considerably.