4 Reasons Why It Is Important For Senior Citizens To Use Social Media

It goes without saying that social media has changed the way that people interact with the world around us. From organizing community gatherings, to reconnecting with old friends, and even initiating grassroots movements, social media has made the world a significantly smaller place. In fact, social media brings multiple generations together in one platform. Did you know approximately 59% of adults over the age of 65 are online, and 46% of those have a Facebook account?  It is certainly safe to say that social media is having a positive impact on the lives of seniors. 

Thanks to advances in technology, such as touch screens, and voice command enabled devices, it has become even easier for seniors to access the Internet in recent years. Seniors are spending more of their time online, and this trend will only continue to grow. There are a plethora of reasons why seniors should utilize social media, and most of them benefit their physical and mental health. The following information will provide you with four reasons why it is important for senior citizens to use social media. 

Social Media Helps Seniors Connect With Long Distance Family And Friends

Families and friends are more geographically distant than ever before. As children, grandchildren, and friends relocate to other parts of the country, social media is the perfect way for seniors to stay in touch. It is important that older people remain current on the lives of their loved ones. Social media makes this easy. While it goes without saying that nothing can truly replace in-person quality time, social media provides seniors with the ability to receive the highlights of their family and friends lives. It can also provide a conversation starter for the next time that you get together with your loved ones. 

Social Media Helps Seniors Form New Friendships And Reconnect With Old Friends

According to Caring Advisor, social media platforms are a great tool that can help seniors make new friends. It is fairly easy to join groups, search for people within their age group, and find people that have similar interests when utilizing social media platforms. It is also fairly easy to re-connect with friends that you may not have spoken to for many years. In fact, most social media platforms will suggest friends and groups for their members. In essence, it is as easy to join a group of like-minded people or connect with old friends as clicking on or pressing a button. 

Social Media Helps Seniors Learn About New And Interesting Things

It is important for seniors to keep their brains stimulated, especially as they slow down physically and mentally. The good news is that you never stop learning. Social media can go a long way in making seniors aware of educational opportunities that are available in the community, or at a nearby college. In addition, there are social media sites that are based on keeping the general population educated about such topics as current events, history, science, and sports to name a few. Scrolling through social media news feed is an excellent way to stay informed and engaged in local, national, and even worldwide events. Social media also provides seniors with an easily accessible method of learning about the world outside of their home or senior living facility

Social Media Helps Seniors Connect With New Business Ventures

Based on economic conditions, we are seeing more and more seniors remaining in the workforce. Many people are retiring later in life, and others are beginning second careers following their initial retirement. Social media is the perfect venue to market products, inform the world about your services, and announce events. There is nothing like a new business to keep a senior’s mind occupied, and most people could use the additional income.