4 Design Tips for Your Magento Store

One of the key factors to having a successful Magento store is a beautiful design. Luckily, Magento already has a few design templates for you to choose from. All you have to do is to beef up your creative juice and start putting everything together to make something awesome. Here are a few tips that can help you:

Choose Your Brand Design

The first thing to do is come up with your brand design. Your brand design encompasses your brand’s main color scheme, font color, and font family. When you decide on your brand design, the whole design of your e-commerce store has to match with it. This makes your store consistent with the look of your brand. This is usually done so that people can distinguish your store from others. It is your brand’s main design that’ll inspire your logo and your pictures in the future.

Pick a Good Theme

Once again, your theme is going to have to be in line with your brand design. Luckily, there are a lot of store themes that Magento provides for you. Just choose the one that is suitable for your e-commerce store. You can even create a customized one by getting the aid of some Magento development services. Also you can buy a new theme from template providers online.

Make Sure the Site Has a Good Structure and Friendly Navigation

Another very important aspect of website design is the website structure. The structure of the website is pretty much what your visitors will see from afar. If the structure isn’t organized, then it’ll be hard to navigate the website. If the website is hard to navigate, people will not want to visit. Just concentrate on making the website easy to use and you should be fine. Doing this will increase your site’s user experience or UX.

Organize Your Visuals

Lastly, make sure that your visuals are all organized in a way that looks appealing from far. You can do this by establishing an information hierarchy. This will determine which information should get top spot and which shouldn’t. For example, you should put your store’s contact details somewhere at the top so that visitors can contact you right away for any concerns. Other than that, you can also add your shipping policies, rules, and maybe even a sign-up button. You can base your information hierarchy on what you think your target market finds important.


The design of your Magento store is extremely important to its success because it directly affects the user experience (UX) of your potential customers. If your potential customers don’t have a good UX with your site, they won’t want to come back. A good UX will lead to a higher conversion rate. This translates to more profits. So if you want more sales, then design your store well. Follow these four tips and you should be able to create a beautifully designed ecommerce store. This should attract more quality visitors and customers!