Project Ara Reputed Dead, But Still Kicking?

LG gave it a shot with the LG 5 but it didn’t really take off, modular phones. The idea is good and most probably goes back to the “old” pc days, where you could ( and theoretically still can) change and upgrade the components of your computer as you desire. The difference is, back then you had a “yuge” metal box and lots of wires and slots to play with, now you have a five inch slab that has to fit in a pocket, preferably be water-dust-shock proof, look insanely cool and not weigh more than a box of matches

Google has been playing around with the idea for ages. Obviously the prototype we have been seeing since the project started is not very appealing (maybe to second grade lego enthusiasts) but I am sure Alphabet (the company formerly known as Google) knows that too.

Reuters says that “sources” have announced the project dead, the source was quoted saying

“This was a science experiment that failed, and they are moving on,”

 but the project’s website still says

 “Developer Edition Shipping Fall 2016”

What we knew till now was

  • Google plans to start selling its modular phone, dubbed Project Ara, with replaceable parts next year.
  • The Google modular phones can be assembled separately and replaced with modules depending upon what the user
    would like to have on his/her phone.
  • One can replace parts such as camera, hardware and even define the kind of display resolution you want. However, one needs to buy these modules separately.
  • The company handling Project Ara will be entrusted with
    getting the modules ready to be shipped via partners across the globe.
  • Google has admitted that the final design of the modular phones will look better and be thinner than the existing

Maybe we’ll know more tomorrow.