Adding Phone tracker to the must have apps for every mobile phone

There are many ways of losing a mobile phone or a smart phone. I am sure everyone will agree. Even when we are at home, many a times it so happens that we are not able to locate our phone and end up calling on the mobile number to hear it ring and hence locate it. People, especially who do extensive travelling by public transport are the most susceptible to either losing their phone or having it stolen.
But now you can relax because the daily advancing technology has come up with applications for mobile and smart phones that can help to track down your stolen device. Not only that, if you are a distressed parent and cannot keep up with your child’s whereabouts, there are apps that can help you keep a track of your child by keeping track of his smart phone and wherever it goes.
Tracking smart phones with Phone tracker is much easier than tracking the old and Android-less mobiles. But there are apps available for such phones also.

How to track your phone before losing it:

They say prevention is better than cure. Hence here are some apps that you can get installed in your device to help you prepare for the D-day.

For smart phones:

If you are a smart phone user you can have apps like Find My iPhone, Prey, Look out etc. Basically these phone tracker apps are for locating and protecting your smart phone from thieves by sending signals and notifications of the last location. These apps also help to protect the data in your phone and it also work discreetly without the thief’s knowledge about the apps working.

Lost cell phone tracking apps:

Tracking a lost device has never been easier for Android devices. With the help of following apps that act as your personal lost cell phone tracker it is a piece of cake.

● mspy app:
Trust mspy to keep a watch and track of your mobile phones along with intimating the last location of the device. You can pre-install mspy and lead a tension free life from the worries of losing your phone.

● Android device manager:
This app is Google software, so linking it to your Google account becomes very easy to track any device that is connected to it.
● Find my iPhone:
In the list of must have apps for lost cell phone tracker this is the best app for iPhone users. This is a pre-installed app for iPhone users and since it is associated with iCloud, it can be accessed from any browser or IOS device.
There are also apps available in the market to track down other mobile phones other than your own like Find My Friends and iMessage and Google Hangouts. These apps are helpful in locating people with their mobile phones even if they are large in numbers.

For mobile phones without Android:

The mobile phones without Android have the only option of using a GPS tracking service. You can find various options for phone tracker in the app market but AccuTracking is the hot favourite.
Now let us see what we can do once we have actually lost the phone but have not been foresighted enough to pre-install an app for its tracking and recovery.
Phones without Android do not have any great options here if they have not installed the AccuTracking app.