DuoSkin: A Funky Tattoo With a Function

We moved away from keyboard and cursor-friendly phones, when touchscreen technology became a reality. And in all probability, touchscreen display is all likely to be replaced with, wait for it, our skin. Yes, skin.

Would it be hard for you to believe if we say that the next big thing in mobile technology is our skin?

The answer lies in a Taiwan-based technology DuoSkin that promises to let you control devices and data using skin.


DuoSkin is a fabrication process that enables anyone to create customized functional devices that can be attached directly on their skin.

With the help of this new technology, the features will be embedded on the skin in the form of a tattoo. The interface of the tattoo will help the user move the virtual cursor on their device, store data and send commands to other devices.

Here’s how the DuoSkin works. (Photo Courtesy: Imgflip)


Using gold metal leaf, a material that is cheap, skin-friendly, and robust for everyday
wear, we demonstrate three types of on-skin interfaces: sensing touch
input, displaying output, and wireless communication.

Here’s a video of all that the technology promises to offer.

DuoSkin:Functional, stylish on-skin user interfaces from MIT Media Lab on Vimeo.