5 Ways To Make An Extra Buck Online


It seems the cost of almost everything is going up these days. Unfortunately, the monthly paychecks are shrinking just as quickly as the costs go up. How can you combat the rising costs? A second job might help, but that can take time that many just don’t have. Is there any way to make a bit of cash without a lot of time? Absolutely. These ideas can help you make the money you need.

  1. Online Surveys: Many people have recently discovered this way of making money online. There are many companies that specialise in putting together research panels to help learn more about potential products, and that’s where you come in. You’ll be asked several questions about age, race, and financial status, then they’ll send you various surveys for which you might be able to answer a number of questions. Surveys typically take thirty minutes to complete, and you can either earn cash or free products for your participation. The more you take, the more you earn. Make certain, though, that you only work with legitimate survey sites, and sign up with several at a time so you can increase your take.

  2. User Testing:  There are a number of companies that will pay you to test new sites or new software routinely so companies can get real feedback on systems they’re in the process of developing. You typically have to be very computer literate to even begin to get a place with one of these testing companies. What’s more, though, is that you usually agree to a terms of service that actually allows the company to remotely watch your progress through the software or site, which can be a little unnerving for some people. The bonus, though, is that tests typically take only fifteen to twenty minutes to complete, and the rate of pay is often several pounds per site or piece of software.

  3. Writing: Many people have discovered writing as a means of making money online, and for good reason. There’s a continual push toward developing content for various sites, and if you have great written communication skills, that’s often all that’s necessary to get paid for your words. Keep in mind that you won’t get huge payouts from many of your articles, but if  you’re just looking to make a bit on the side and you feel like you have a solid mastery of the written word, this is a great way to make a bit of cash.

  4. Betting: This one may not sound like a valid option at the outset, but with the right approach and due diligence it is an option. Choosing  an established site like  NetBet.org can help. The site is fully registered with the UK Gambling Commission and it offers a secure platform with the necessary support through an exemplary customer service. There is a large choice of tested sites with reviews, promotions, guidelines and free demos. Like everywhere else there are a few black sheep on the internet, so it is better to play safe and stick to the reputable sites.

  5. Videos: If you already routinely upload videos to sites like YouTube and others, this can be a great way to make some cash. There are a few different ways to get cash from your videos. Obviously the more views you get, the more you make. More than that, though, you can add affiliate links into your videos, find sponsors, or even add Google Ads to your video to make some extra cash. There are also various sites that will buy good video content. How To content tends to sell particularly well, as many people just want solid videos on their site to help increase their search engine rankings.

Making money online isn’t the most difficult task. Instead, there are a number of different ways to make the cash you need without stepping out of your typical online comfort zone. The key will be to discover which one truly works for you and flow with that idea. You will, absolutely, have to put some energy and effort into whatever you discover, but at the end of the day, it’s certainly going to mean more cash in your pocket.