Games To Consider During a Long Trip


Having an activity to pass the time while traveling is essential to keeping your sanity. Some people opt to do work and catch up on some email while others sit at the airport bar. Those of us who consider ourselves gamers see this as an opportunity to put in a few hours of uninterrupted gaming. The devices that games come on can now fit in our pockets so accessibility is not an issue. Not all games are perfect for a trip as some might take a bit more strategy than others. The following are some types of games you can play that will be perfect for your summer vacation.

Runner Games

Runner games can be quite addicting as any fan of Temple Run will be able to tell you. Many times these games are fun for the entire family and a runner game tournament can be played. All it takes is a gamer getting into the zone for a few minutes to achieve a score previously thought impossible. The only drawback of having to play these on an airplane is that you might have to tilt the device. For those who are larger, airplanes already are a bit cramped so adding in some twisting and turning of a device might not be possible. Runner games are perfect for a long road trip as everyone in the car except the driver can compete for the highest score. Downloading a new runner game or resetting the high score just for the trip is advised as it adds an element of competition.

Educational Games

These are aimed at children but it can be a great way to help your child brush up on some math or vocabulary while also having fun. Children tend to forget certain information and can spend the first few months of the school year catching up. This can put them behind permanently in subjects like math and even more so in subjects like a foreign language. Keeping children quiet during a long trip in the car can be quite difficult so distracting them is a must. Simply by looking up educational gaming apps you can find a plethora of options for different grade levels. Exercise your child’s brain during the summer as it will help them in their studies this upcoming school year.

Puzzle Games

Puzzles were once impossible to play in the car as there was not enough room. Now there are some great puzzle games that are family friendly and quite a lot of fun. Many people might not think of Candy Crush as a puzzle game if they have only heard about it or played it once or twice. The seasoned players of this game realize that this is a puzzle and every move counts. There are puzzle games that can be educational and teach children a lesson. A great example of this is Animal Puzzle where players put together animals then a few interesting facts are revealed about the animal. There are more complex puzzle games for adults that are quite challenging. Once you look up after hours of playing you will be at your destination!

Those of us who love gaming remember the long road trips with Game Boys or Game Gear that they finally broke through to a new level. Sometimes the change in atmosphere allows a gamer to concentrate harder than they have in the past. Playing games with the people you are traveling with can be a great way to compete and create some new memories. In the case of the long road trip, gaming apps and devices are a lot more interesting than the alphabet game that many of us played as kids. Whether you have a gaming device or just have downloaded your favorite new gaming app you can help pass the time and have fun in the process. Take advantage of the time you are traveling and enjoy yourself while gaming and hopefully breaking through that plateau and reaching a new high score!