What Can You Do With Ham Radio?

DX radio station does not call for some special skills from operator. At the same time there are certain rules established by the federal law that you need to follow strictly. In spite of reaching other hams and sharing useful information, Amateur radio operators can also benefit from the following:

1. Ordering pizza via dx radio station used to be a very popular joke among all operators. Now this procedure is absolutely legal. Whenever you feel hungry while broadcasting, feel free to contact your favorite café or pizzeria and place an order. Ham radio can replace your mobile phone providing you with quick access to all major services including 911, police, emergency and other services linked to telephone base.

2. Amateur radio can be used as a warning in case of emergencies. Many volunteer services use it to warn the population about the upcoming disaster like hurricanes, earthquakes, ice storms and more when the rest of communication options are unavailable.

3. Professional operators are well aware of the fact that every ham radio is linked to satellite. They are easy to use letting you benefit from satellite communication.

Becoming an Amateur Operator


Whenever you want to be a ham, you need to be licensed by the FCC. All you need is to get at least D for your test. It includes multiple choices and costs about $6. As soon as ham volunteers check your paper, you will receive a notification and license on your email. Here are some tips that will help you to prepare for the test.

1. Visit local ham clubs and communities. Some clubs arrange meetings and classes on regular basis. There you can pick up some basic skills and obtain necessary background to achieve good results during the test. Due to the fact that DX hobby is becoming more an d more popular sharing experience in the niche has never been easier. You can attend various ham classes and answer questions.

2. Browse the net to find special study guides and other academic material that will appear to be rather handy before taking the exam.

3. You do not have to travel to another city in order to take an exam. As a rule, sessions are arranged by volunteers. It means that you may find a session next you. Check with the information within your ham community or forum.

4. Self-Study. It is always great to proceed with an in-depth research and analysis whatever the topic is. The same thing is with amateur radio. However, if you do not understand some things, it is better to turn to professional operators for explanation.

For more information about this, visit the DXnews website here