QiCycle: A Foldable Electric Cycle from Xiaomi

Phones, air purifiers, rice cooker, powerbank and flying drones. That’s Xiaomi in a nutshell for you. And now, the China-based brand is venturing into the eco-friendly territory with its first-ever electric foldable urban commuter cycle called QiCycle.

The QiCycle is made of carbon fibre, loaded with sensors and weighs a meagre 7 kg.

You can fold and carry the Xiaomi QiCycle. (Photo Courtesy: MIUI)

Easy to carry urban commuter. (Photo Courtesy: MIUI)

QiCycle is powered by 250W 36V electric motor and uses Torque Measurement Method
( TMM) to assist the rider’s pedal-power. Torque Measurement Method ( TMM) is invented by IDbike. The cycle is also said to be capable of understanding the pattern of the rider, and smartly adjusts to the road conditions as well.

Smartness is the mantra for QiCycle. (Photo Courtesy: MIUI)

This urban commuter is powered by a Panasonic 18650 mAh battery, and as per the company can cycle up to 45 km on a single charge.

In addition, the QiCycle comes equipped with a bike computer so that users can track calories burned, distance traveled, speed at which they’re moving etc.

It will be available in China for around $450 (CNY 3,000), it has an European e-bike certification but no news on when or if it will be available elsewhere.