Volkswagen Unveils T-Prime GTE Concept at Beijing

The 2016 Beijing Auto Show is a big deal for car enthusiasts in China and automakers alike, given that it is one of the fastest growing auto markets in the world. Usually during the auto shows, it is the swanky sports cars that steal the show, but the stars in this one were the SUVs and electric vehicles (EVs).

Volkswagen’s latest offering is a combination of both, a hybrid SUV called T-Prime GTE and possibly one of the best-looking models Volkswagen has ever created.

Volkswagen T-Prime GTE Concept from the back. (Photo: Volkswagen)

The plug-in hybrid sports new design language being followed by the German automaker and the hints of this approach can be seen on existing models like the Passat GTE and the Tiguan.

The front-end sports a large chrome grille that connects to LED headlamps and looks attractive.

Volkswagen T-Prime GTE Concept interiors. (Photo: Volkswagen)

The car is powered by a 251-horsepower, 2-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and a 136-horsepower electric motor, which are connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Total power output when the car is using both the motors is a whopping 381 horsepower and 700Nm of torque.

T-Prime is capable of running solely on the electric motor for a range of up to 50 kilometres.

Volkswagen T-Prime GTE Concept has a 15-inch infotainment display. (Photo: Volkswagen)

The main attraction of the car though, is the centre console which has a huge 15-inch display and replaces the conventional knobs and dials that are usually there. What it uses instead for inputs is touchscreen, gesture control and voice control to function the car.