BMW Is Redefining The Future. Prepare To Get Blown Away!

Driving has become a necessity. But what if it isn’t just about going from Point A to B? Considering we practically live in our cars, driving can either be a boon or a bane. What if for just one moment you could get a glimpse into the future of driving? What if you got a taste of what it feels like to sit behind the wheels of a car that emotionally understands? Sounds impossible right? It isn’t.

At BMW, the vision is loud and clear. The single minded focus has been on Sheer Driving Pleasure in the past, present and future. How does one do that? What does it even mean? Think of your car as a driving companion, one who understands your needs almost intuitively. A car that has emotional intelligence and perception making you the Ultimate Driver. Impossible you say. BMW’s Vision Next 100 is a concept vehicle that is positioned to make it possible. So take a walk into the future.

Next level of Sheer Driving Pleasure Photo: BMW

Digital Companion

You’ll never be alone while driving. At the forefront of digital intelligence lies the core thought of equipping the driver with naturally intuitive information, providing a perfect alliance between the driver and his environment. The BMW Companion provides the right recommendations to make the driving experience sheer bliss.

Expecting the unexpected Photo: BMW

Alive Geometry

Can you imagine a car that warns you of possible dangers ahead? The Alive Geometry function of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 does it in two ways. By serving as an analogue display on the dashboard, it acts like an alert for the driver, keeping him informed about objects that lie in his route. Its other function is to form movable wheelhouse covers for optimal dynamics.

Boost your life with Ease Mode Photo: BMW

Boost and Ease

Think you can trust your car to drive itself? That’s what happens when the driver experiences the Ease Mode. The Companion takes over to leave you to do your thing within the luxurious confines of the BMW VISION NEXT 100. If you want to take the wheel, switch to Boost Mode which allows the driver to experience intense driving pleasure by becoming one with the vehicle.

Time to reinvent Photo: BMW

A Role Model for Sustainability

At BMW, the goal to be sustainable for the future. Innovative new recyclable mono-materials have been worked on to ease the burden on the environment. Carbon neutral production and refusing to use leather go a long way towards emission-free driving.

This is the future Photo: BMW

Be the Ultimate Driver

The vehicle of the future connects to your life seamlessly. It anticipates your needs as your day progresses. So whether it’s a power brunch or drive away from the madding crowds, BMW has you covered. You will now never miss what’s important, thanks to real-time data, calendar access and intelligent routing. No stress. And no hassle. Keeping calm and freeing the clutter is your future mantra.

Driving in cities no longer has to be a frustrating experience. Your vehicle now gets to be your guardian angel and chauffeur. Effortlessly planning the future course of your journey. All you have to do is get into Ease Mode and let the Companion drive you through all the hurdles en route. Piece of cake we say!

Want to see poetry in motion? Click on the link below to see BMW’s future vision. The future is now!