Biometrics and fingerprint reading – A sneak peak into the technology and its benefits

Biometrics comprises of automatic methods of identifying a person based on some of his unique physical features. Each kind of biometric system might be different in application but they will definitely contain one similarity which is the biometric will be based on one detectable and discernible characteristic like the fingerprint of the person, his iris, facial pattern or voice pattern. Thanks to the advancement of technology, fingerprint scanning devices are perhaps the most popular kind of biometric security used in the industry with numerous systems intended for mass audience. Gone are those days when fingerprint scanning devices were bulky; now is the time of smaller devices similar to the size of laptops. Read on the concerns of this article to know more on biometrics technology and fingerprint scanning.

Biometrics – What is it?

As mentioned earlier, among the different features measured are face, hand geometry, fingerprints, handwriting, retinal, iris, veins and voice. This is something which is much different from personal information as such templates can’t ever be reverse-engineered in order to manipulate it into personal information and they can’t ever be stolen as well. Utilizing a physical attribute of your physical body to identify who you are and who you claim to be is one of the easiest solutions available in the market nowadays. This is the truth and fact associated with Biometrics technology. Although this has been in the market for many years now, modern additions and innovations along with reduction in cost makes them readily affordable to small businesses, consumers and large corporations alike.

How does a fingerprint scanner work?

There are basically 2 jobs of a fingerprint scanner, it requires an image of your finger and it then has to analyze whether or not the valleys and ridges in that particular image matches that of any other pre-taken image. Only definite characteristics which are kind of unique to the fingerprints are saved in an encrypted form or in a mathematical representation. It is saved in the form of binary codes which are later off used as verifications. Noone can ever duplicate anyone’s fingerprints as the algorithm can’t ever be reconverted into a format of an image.

Biometric Identification management system – What are the benefits?

Biometrics have provided an effective solution to majority of business owners who are suffering from problems like ID swapping, credential replacements, undocumented access, manual badge checks and many more.Biometrics offer high security identification management for companies who wish to lower costs.

  1. Identification becomes accurate: The conventional security systems entirely dependent on PINs, passwords and smart cards. It is not that they don’t work as good security management systems. But you can achieve higher level security and accuracy with biometrics systems. If you can set the system in a proper way, you can utilize the physical features like iris scans, fingerprints which offer an accurate identification method. Such features can’t be copied and this clearly means that the intended person only gets access.

  2. Accountable system: When you log-in to a system through biometrics, you can be directly in touch with a specific event or action. In short, biometrics creates a definite trail of activities and transactions. This system is even useful in cases of security ruptures as you will be dead sure about who has done it without facing any kind of doubt.

  3. User friendly: The best thing about biometrics is that the modern systems are designed in a manner which is pretty safe and simple for the users. There’s negligible invasiveness and accurate results as a scan of your photograph is all that is needed. Apart from that you can also install the software and hardware without taking help of any professional.

Therefore, if you want to put an end to security breaches and manhandling of your business assets, you can turn to biometric fingerprint technology to reap the above mentioned benefits.