PrimoPhoto iOS photo management tool – Promo and Giveaway

Time for Simplifying Your iPhone iPad Photo Management



“91% of iPhone users in UK have just 16GB or less of storage” (O2/Telefonica)

Nearly nine out of ten iPhone users choose 16GB models, and more than 80% of them have storage problems. However, probably none of them have noticed that there are tons of temporary, cached and orphaned, photo junk sitting there eating up their iPhone’s storage. Take the following case as an example, when using the filter feature in Photos, iOS will create four copies of the photo you edited. That way, you may waste hundreds of MBs of storage just for something you won’t use.

“Live Photos are not shareable through email, message and whatsapp.”

The other commonly experienced problem with the iPhone photo management is that although Live Photos add motion and sound to your photos, so far they can only be shared with Apple devices. MMS cannot send Live Photos; Email and Whatsapp will turn your motion images to .jpg still pictures; you will not have any luck with Android phones or Internet browsers either.

“90% Users Are Not Satisfied with iTunes File Syncing Method.”

Sometimes it’s ridiculous to manage iPhone photos with Apple’s default methods: to transfer photos from an iPhone to a computer, you need Photos; but to add new photos to an iPhone you have to use iTunes; every time you sync photos with iTunes, existing photos will be lost; iTunes photo syncing speed is also impressively SLOW.

To solve all the iPhone photo management problems mentioned above, PrimoSync, set out to build a product that would relieve users of these everyday hassles, or at least make things easier. As a result, after three months developing, coding and designing, they come up with PrimoPhoto – a new and exciting iPhone, iPad photo manager .

What is PrimoPhoto capable of?

#1 Importing / Exporting iPhone Photos with iTunes or Photos

PrimoPhoto offers an impressive collection of solutions for managing your photos on iOS devices. With one click you can move your photos wherever you want. You can move your photos from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to / from your Windows or Mac computer, and sort them by album, file size, name, taken time, etc.

#2 Turning Live Photos and other videos to Shareable GIFs

PrimoPhoto can convert your Live Photos, or any video file, to GIFs, allowing you to easily share them on social media or with other non-iOS devices.

#3 Freeing Up Space on your iPhone

PrimoPhoto is the iPhone Photo Manager that powers everything you do on your iPhone. With the first-of-its-kind iPhone cleaning feature, it’s simple to free up space on your iPhone giving you more storage. It works seamlessly with all iOS versions and devices.

PrimoPhoto Launch Details

PrimoPhoto was released on Feb 20th, and priced at $19.99. But we are giving TGDaily readers the chance to get a free license, a little award for being its early users.

Download it here and get a free license below.

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